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Brunswick: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Brunswick , Georgia

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Tourist Attractions in Brunswick

If you’re considering a vacation to the coastal city of Brunswick, Georgia, there are a few things to keep in mind. The city has a charming Victorian-era Old Town Historic District and a giant Lover’s Oak. From the city, you can take advantage of the Golden Isles barrier islands. Sea Island has many resorts and the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family reunion, Brunswick has something for everyone.

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If you’re interested in art, the Ritz Theater, built in 1898, is worth a visit. It presents rotating exhibitions of works by Georgian artists. The historic Gallery on New Castle, a nineteenth century building authentically restored, is also worth a visit. There are also three golf courses nearby, and Coastal Georgia Community College and Florida Community College offer higher education options. Armstrong Atlantic State University is a large, public university located in nearby Savannah.

In addition to state-run schools, Brunswick has several private schools. One is a Seventh-day Adventist school, and the other is a Catholic school. The city also has a number of non-denominational Christian schools, including Heritage Christian Academy. There’s also a Presbyterian school on St. Simons Island. Many smaller Christian schools offer high school education. Brunswick also has an active sister city program, which promotes cultural and economic exchange.

You can find plenty of art in Brunswick Georgia by visiting the city’s Old Town Historic District. The city’s architecture is rich and varied, with buildings dating as far back as the nineteenth century’s Victorian era. Downtown Brunswick is also home to the Ritz Theatre, which was originally built for opera performances. With its beautiful facade and stellar sound, this historic theatre is well worth a visit. And while you’re in the area, you may want to check out a play or two while you’re there.

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Brunswick Adventure in Historic Burgplatz #1

Burgplatz is a great place to start your visit to Brunswick. This is where you will find the Brunswick Cathedral, also known by the Dom St. Blasius (Dom St. Blasii), and the charming Dankwarderode Castle. Henry the Lion constructed this tiny but vital fortress around 1175. Two-story wings were added in 1887. The building serves today as an important museum and art galleries.

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The iconic symbol of the city, the enormous bronze statue in the centre of the square of the Brunswick Lion (Braunschweiger Lowe), is situated in the heart of the square. Henry the Lion presented it as a symbol for his power in 1166. The Dankwarderode castle museums has housed the original of this amazing artwork since 1989. They also have details of the legends and myths that surround it.

Huneborstelsches Haus is another attraction on this historic square. Built in 1536, the charming old townhouse is now a guildhall.

Dankwarderode Castle, Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum #2

Dankwarderode Castle (Burg Dankwarderode), is a small castle situated in Burgplatz. It was completed in 1175. It is a lovely building. However, it is also void of any defensive structures. Not long after its completion, the cathedral was added to its perimeter.

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Today, the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum can be found in the castle. This superb art museum was founded 1754. It is famous for its remarkable permanent collection medieval artworks and items, including the original Brunswick Lion. These works include Rembrandt’s and Rubens work.

The museum is known for the high quality of its print collection which includes over 100,000 prints from all corners of the globe. There is also a nice bistro-style dining room.

Old Town Market & Town Hall #3

Altstadtmarkt, or the Old Town Market is another place worth exploring in Brunswick. Just a few minutes walk from the Burgplatz is this market, which forms the heart and soul of the town’s former Hanseatic town. This old market has been used as street markets since the 11th century.

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Other highlights include the Church of St. Martin in Martinikirche, which was built in 1st century; the medieval Gewandhaus or Cloth Hall from 1591; and the Stechinelli Haus, a charming 17th-century building.

The Old Town Hall, also known as Altstadtrathaus, is the most prominent attraction. This impressive structure, which was built in Gothic style between 13th and 15th century, is especially striking when lit at night.

The Medieval Magniviertel Church #4

The Magniviertel’s cobblestoned Magniviertel neighborhood is home to the St. Magnus’ Church (Magni-Kirche), an old, restored Protestant church which was dedicated in 1031. Check out the old graveyard as well as its beautiful interior. This is the place where you can find the tomb of GE Lessing, a well-known German writer and philosopher, who was buried there in 1781.

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A corner of Braunschweig’s oldest area is visible behind the church. It contains many fine halftimbered houses. Rizzi-Haus is an eerily different version of Dr. Seuss, with its unusual, but captivating architectural lines and bright, multi-colored exterior.

Visit the many small boutique shops and galleries that are located along these charming streets, as well the cafes or restaurants. September is the best month to visit Magnifest festival which attracts craft and art vendors from across the nation.

The “New” Town Hall #5

After visiting the Old Town Hall in the city, make your way to the Rathaus. It is located directly across the street from cathedral. This attractive neoGothic-style building opened in 1900. Its elegant, 61-meter tall tower is perhaps the best feature of this three-story structure.

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The best thing to do in the area is to take a tour of the building for free. On weekdays, you can climb the 161 steps up to the observation deck at the top. Enjoy stunning views across the Old Town and the nearby neighborhoods as you look out from the viewing platform.

You will also be interested in the elaborate handles at the main doors. These include ones that depict the Brunswick Lions. You can also find a great restaurant in the basement that serves traditional meals.

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