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Things to Do in Tribeca

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Tribeca is a trendy and wealthy neighborhood that boasts beautiful cobblestone streets and high-end shops. It is one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods. This is often overlooked by people who travel to New York on their US visa. Tribeca’s charm is its ability to allow you to walk casually on cobblestone or Belgian-block streets. Imagine New York in the days of horses and buggies.

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Tribeca stands for “Triangle Below Canal Street”. The area isn’t shaped like a triangle, but rather a trapezium. Tribeca is easily accessible by walking along the streets, admiring the old and the new buildings, and eating the delicious food.

These are some of the most popular spots in Tribeca that you should see.

Ghostbusters Firehouse

This firehouse, which is a landmark and is well-known as the “Ghostbusters Firehouse “, has recently been renovated. The Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8, New York Fire Department fire department station is a must-see for film fans, particularly those who love the “Ghostbusters”. The film made its interior famous. The firehouse was also featured in several television series and films. It may interest you to know that firefighters from this firehouse were among those who responded to the attacks on 9/11.

Staple Street Skybridge

Staple Street, which runs just two blocks long, is one of New York City’s most compact streets. Staple Street’s unique feature is its original Belgian block street. The cast-iron skybridge, three stories high and connecting two buildings, is the most striking feature. The buildings were once a hospital. This Staple Street Skybridge is more than 100 years old. Both buildings are now offices and residential lofts. The residential loft is 7,500 square feet and comprises the third floor of both buildings.

The ‘Jenga’ Building


The Jenga Building, also known as Jenga Tower, is a skyscraper with 57 stories located on Leonard Street in Tribeca. This building is a striking sight and contains luxury condominiums. It looks just like Jenga blocks, with blocks stacked up in the sky. The unusual cantilevered design was created by Herzog & de Meuron, a Swiss architect firm. The design is made of uneven, cantilevered blocks that become increasingly un-graceful towards the top. It looks as unstable as the game blocks when you look at it. It is now a landmark in Tribeca.

AT&T Long Lines Building:

It was described by actor Tom Hanks as the scariest building that he has ever seen. This is the AT&T Long Lines Building. It’s one of Manhattan’s most unusual skyscrapers. This building’s brutalist design reflects its purpose, which is to house electronic equipment and protect it from man-made and natural threats. It can withstand an atomic blast, protect powerful computers, cables and switchboards, and is therefore extremely strong. The tower appears black as the night sky obscures it.

The Mysterious Bookshop:

Otto Penzle opened this mystery book shop in America. It is a must-see destination for lovers of mystery, suspense and crime books. You will find an impressive collection of signed First Editions and rare collectible hardcovers. Many mystery authors sign books in the store, which has bookshelves that reach to the ceiling. The bookshop also publishes Bibliomysteries. These are novellas and short stories set in the world of books. A Book of the Month subscription can include a signed first edition of the shop.

Tribeca Film Festival:

Tribeca Productions organizes the Tribeca Film Festival every year in April and May. Celebrities from many industries visit this festival to see some of the most outstanding submissions in the film industry. This festival was co-founded by Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff. This festival was established to promote economic and cultural revitalization in Lower Manhattan after the attacks on the World Trade Center. The film festival was held online during the pandemic.

Brandy Library

The Brandy Library has a 15-page spirits’ menu. This bar is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening of wine and food. You will be satisfied with the wide range of specialty cocktails and delicious delicacies that are available at this bar. A large collection of books is available on wine and spirits. The bar’s sommeliers can help you choose the right beverage to pair with your food, as there are so many options. You can also join a tasting session if you visit on weekends.

David Ruggles House

The David Ruggles House is a must-see for students of American History. David Ruggles was an African-American free abolitionist. Although this building now houses a restaurant it was home to David Ruggles in the 1830s. This is decades before the Civil War. At that time, slavery was legal in all of the Southern states. While he was living in this house, he secretly kept over 600 fugitive slaves. Frederick Douglass, a runaway slave, was his most prominent refugee. Douglass became a free man later and was an important leader of the abolitionist movement.

Tribeca is home to many great places to visit, shops to discover, and delicious restaurants. You can spend hours exploring the city. Tribeca’s history will never be lost. Many streets and buildings are protected from destruction and height restrictions. Tribeca is a must-see when you’re in New York.

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