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America :- Things You Must Avoid When Traveling here.

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Flying to the America is always an exciting experience. It is worth every penny for its exotic cuisine, vibrant vibe, chaotic streets and undiscovered romantic destinations.

There is so much to see in a country or culture other than the obvious, but there are certain rules that must be followed to ensure a fun holiday.

These are the things that you shouldn’t do in America if you want to have a pleasant and happy vacation.

1.Over travelling

It is tempting to leave footprints in every place in the US. The fun fact is that the US is much larger than Europe. This means that you could travel everywhere in a very short time. You can see beautiful cities such as New York, Washington, Arizona and Washington, but it is possible to do all of the tours in one trip.

2.Drink and Drive

This is unacceptable! A heavy fine will be imposed on you if the police find that you are guilty.

3.Smoking everywhere

Everyone has the right to clean air. Many places in the USA have made it a policy not to smoke. Smoke-free workplaces and public places are a rising trend.

4.Show a middle finger

OH! It’s America, everything is great here! This mentality can cause problems when you visit. In the USA, pointing fingers at someone could get you killed. We aren’t lying. Other gestures, such as putting your thumbs up or putting your hands in your pocket are all perfectly acceptable.

5.Making too much of other space

Americans don’t like to hug anyone. While handshakes and greetings are fine, don’t hug or kiss people. You can recognize that you are entering the space of another person if he takes a step back. Avoid confrontations such as looking into others’ phones or wearing dark glasses. Be careful how you hold your legs in crowded trains or buses.

6.Not tipping

This isn’t your typical restaurant where you can just skip tipping. In many European and Asian countries, tipping large may be culturally sensitive. However, American culture does not work in this way. Tipping must be at least 12-20% of the total amount you receive for any type of service.

7.Silence conversation

Americans feel uncomfortable when there is a prolonged silence after a conversation. Americans appreciate the effort put into having a thoughtful and interesting conversation. It is possible to remain silent for more than three seconds. If you have trouble speaking, use fillers such as Oh Sure, Yeah, and then.

8.Jokes about race and gender

Locals are attracted to very few things. Talking about race, gender and sexuality is one of them. It is not a good idea to have strong opinions about any of these subjects, as someone will be offended. The best way to escape is to smile or nod and keep your head down.

9.Talking politics

It is okay to take a stand when you are in close contact with friends. However, being an outsider and sitting with strangers could cause problems. There is nothing better than having a good conversation.

10.Starting at woman

The police can be called in if you make women uncomfortable by making them stare, gawk and flirt. Approaching women with kindness and courtesy is key to securing their interest. You should accept a woman’s invitation to your home as a friendly invitation. Don’t be misled by such female requests.

11.Talking About Disliking Football

You can say soccer is better than football and get a pitiful face. Because no one will hear anything against football, you have to love it here. Nobody will listen to your lecture on football. Don’t preach the virtues of American football to anyone. People will love you if you love the game.

12.Compare your country with America

Americans believe their country is the best. You can combat this belief by proving your country and your values top-notch. Don’t interrupt their “we are superior!” conversations.

The USA is a marvel and you can have a luxurious holiday if you keep your inhibitions in check.

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