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Portugal Visas: The Stuff to Get Ready Before Applying for Portugal Visas

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The Stuff to Get Ready Before Applying for Portugal Visas: Want to receive one of the available visas in order to be able to stay in Portugal? In this case, it is sensible to explore some info about the preparatory step.

Naturally, it is important what visa you are interested in.

Nevertheless, there is some stuff to deal with that turns out to be similar when getting ready to apply for a specific Portuguese visa.

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Let’s list what you might need and instruct you on how to obtain it.

A NIF Number

A tax ID for those who plan to get to Portugal is probably one of the most essential documents to have. And, it is going to be required not only for interacting with the tax authorities.

It is far more than that. NIF has to be presented by those who intend to get property or study in Portugal.

Besides, it is one of the documents that must be shown in quite daily situations like signing a mobile phone contract. 

It is not difficult to get this tax number. The easiest option to think about is using the services of one of the best providers who has been involved in this for a relevant time.

As for the obligatory docs, you will only have to suggest a copy of your passport and proof of address outside Portugal.

At least, this is how it works in the majority of situations when you get NIF Portugal online.

But note that you are going to come across different deadlines. Typically, those who offer faster help will charge you more. So, it is fully up to you to make a final decision on this point. 

Opening a Bank Account

This is what turns out to be necessary for those planning to apply for one of the Portuguese visas too.

Portugal Visas
Opening a Bank Account

Don’t worry: you do not have to go to Portugal in advance to complete this.

It is okay to stick to the assistance of an experienced intermediary who will guide you all the way through.

Well, the requirements may be different but be ready to enclose a copy of your passport, NIF (so it has to be received before you decide to open a bank account), proof of residence and work, and tax ID from where you live. Mostly, it has to be enough.

Full Health Coverage and a Clean Criminal Record

These two points also have to be taken care of in case you intend to apply for one of the Portuguese visas. And, they should be ordered in your country.

The Stuff to Get Ready Before Applying for Portugal Visas
Full Health Coverage and a Clean Criminal Record

As for health coverage, it has to be sufficient for the period of your stay in Portugal in most cases.

Those planning to take family members with them should also consider the aspect of health coverage.

A criminal record is requested beforehand as long as you may have to wait for a certain time before you get it. But the deadlines will vary from country to country so try to find out this info in advance.

In this case, you will not experience any major difficulties with obtaining your visa for staying in Portugal.

Cover Letter

This is a part that confuses the applicants rather frequently. Actually, it is not too hard.

Cover Letter

There are quite a few examples of worthy cover letters on the Net, and you can easily use any of those that will serve as a good guideline for you.

The most important aspect to remember about is this: try to give a nice reasoning of why you want to get to Portugal.

It has to be really strong and argumentative.

It is absolutely okay to present a short letter but try to include the essential stuff there.

Scans of the Basic Docs

You need to prepare fine photocopies of your passport and proof of address. Make sure that these copies are of good quality. Crucial data has to be well visible.

By the way, the scans are also going to be necessary in case you decide to order your NIF number online. The same refers to opening a bank account in one of the Portuguese banks.

The intermediaries are ready to complete the basic work for you but they will not be able to help if there is major trouble with your scans.

So, do not neglect this aspect!

Last but not least point to bear in mind is this: do not try to cope with everything on your own. It is a brilliant idea to ask for professional help.

Scans of the Basic Docs

This way, you will feel more confident about the result of applying for a specific visa, and will save time greatly. Sure, it may cost more but it is worth it.

Hope that you will be able to receive the visa you are dreaming of and it will be easy! 

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