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The Forgotten Himachali Dham Food In Kangra

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Himachali Dham

Himachal Pradesh is well known for snow-clad mountains, lush green valleys, tranquility in the environment and that’s not all, the traditional food delicacies and local food adds an extra perk to your travel experience. One such slowly forgotten treasure or food heritage is the Dham. Dham is an integral diet component for the people of this beautiful State.

Through this blog I would throw light on the Kangri Dham. So let me take you through this traditional food tour which I had experienced myself during my recent visit to Rajol, Shahpur, Kangra.  

What is Dham Food

Dham is a traditional feast celebrated in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Dham is prepared and served on every joyful event or celebration in the family. Temples also serve Dham on most of the religious festivals or auspicious dates. 

Himachali Dham

The cuisine is developed keeping in mind not only the geographical conditions of the state but also according to the traditional methods under natural conditions mostly from the staple ingredients.

Kangra Tourism

Kangra is one of the most picturesque valleys in the lower HImalayas. In addition to the beautiful valley,  the region is famous for arts, crafts, Kangra painting and food as well. Modern life requirements like good food, moderate weather, high speed internet connectivity, small cute cafes are easily found and this makes it a perfect place for Work From Home or Work From Anywhere.

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Kangri Dham

Each district in Himachal Pradesh has its own culture and food habits and Kangra is no exception to it.  It is famous for its tourist destinations, world famous temples, valleys and of course “Kangri Dham”.  Kangri dham is a traditional food festival(feast) celebrated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachali Dham

The Menu

Rice, chane dal, rajma, teliyama, dal chane (chickpea), kale chane ka khatta cooked in curd which is known as “Madrah”.

It is then topped with Khatta, which is prepared by jaggery and tamarind in an iron vessel.

Finally, “Mitha Bhaat” is served which is a sweet made of either sweet rice or bread crumbs in yogurt. 

The dishes are a perfect blend of spices which are important and healthy for our body.  The traditional way of having Dham is sitting on the ground, in a row and enjoying your meal with your hands (without spoon)

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Local Connect At Highway Treat Travel Cafe

At  Highway Treat, we wish to keep alive our local traditions and food habits. If you wish to enjoy a Kangri Dham, you can reach out to us at 7807856056 and we will be happy to help you in relishing authentic dham food.  Our menu also has Dhauladhar Special which has some food items of Kangri Dham.

Enjoy the video to see how Kangri Dham is prepared:


Hope you liked the Kangri Dham Food Tour and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any feedback or questions

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