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Top 7 Cheapest Places to Live in California

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I am not surprised enough if you are also looking for affordable places to live in California, as it is one of the most popular places to live in the USA, California is the dreamland for many of us, as big cities provide big opportunities, big opportunities get by living there.

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California is one of the blooming states in terms of economy, as it is multicultural, and a big city with a home for the Hollywood film industry. And it is also very close to the two best travel destinations, Mexico and Hawaii.

Cheapest Places to Live in California

But still getting affordable and cheap places to live in looks tricky,  but don’t we are going to help you out to find some best cheap places to live in California,


One of the cheapest cities in California, Chico is a small town located in between many big cities like San Francisco and Sacramento. It is a very affordable place for families and young ones, as the basic necessities get fulfilled by living here, you get schools, universities, hospitals, parks and everything inside there.

It is a calmful area, where people enjoy their lifestyle and groove according to their ways, if you wanted to invest in real estate, then also Chico city is best for you right now.

You can also get time to explore more of yourself with nature as Plumas national forest and Tahoe national forest are there, do hiking, and bike ride easily there.

California, USA

The locals have lots of stories of Chico that attract lots of tourists, you got so many local museums there to get more about the history and their place.


Being the capital city of California, it also has many affordable and cheap places to live in. And it is also one of the safest places to live in California. 

Of course not all places are the cheapest and surely not the Downtown Sacramento area, but many Suburbs like Cordova and Carmichael are best to get rented houses on an affordable budget. Basically the best place for the young one, as its a big city so provides lots of opportunity inside it, and also best for its food, market and nightlife to explore more.

California, USA

You will get a diverse demographic there, as so many people from outside came and settle there, so it is not very hard for you to become a part of this city.

Also try, hiking, rafting, and camping as the Sierra Nevada mountain are much near to Sacramento.


Another affordable place to live is in California, and also the best city for travelers as located in coastal areas near Oregon Border, which became a reason to do road trips more often as Canada is also near it, and you can be there anytime.

California, USA

The best part to live in Eureka is because of its cool weather, California is a city with sunny climate but still, Eureka gives you chill vibe in the summer seasons too, also you get to eat a lot of the best traditional food of California, get some best beach moments, also the best and beautiful area woodland – Redwood national and state park, just an hour away from eureka


Another city to be held on this list is none other than Fresno. As the fifth largest city in California still have many areas to get rooms in affordable and cheap places.

And the best part of Fresno is their life and the opportunities we get from this city are total buzzes! Enjoy, party, and have fun, still so much learning and outgrowing with this city. Young people must choose this for their better future, and I am sure you will get way more than what you think.

California, USA

But also get so many demographical people from different states and countries, mix up with them and create your whole new world. Also, a good place for food and shopping.


If you looking for a calm and relaxing place, then Glendale is best for you here you will get the most affordable place to live in. Is located outside Los Angeles, but not much hype like it. 

California, USA

It’s a comfortable and safest place and also the cheapest alternative for LA. Glendale is one of the cheapest places in southern California, where you can simply live, do your work, complete your education and also do enjoy LA on weekends


Another city near Los Angeles, just a two-hour away is Bakersfield town, gives you a space to redefine yourself again, as it is such a beautiful and calming place. It is also one of the stepover towns in California, many people come here for a long drive and spend quality time with friends and family.

You can get the most affordable rental house to live in, and also can invest in real estate houses as they are much cheaper than in other southern parts of California.

California, USA

In Bakersfield, you will get lots of oil fields and other farmlands, so if you are looking for job in areas like agriculture, industry areas, and manufacturing then this town provides a lot of opportunities to you.


Located between LA and San Diego, Temecula is a city of casinos, wine, play golf, and business, if you love life like this, then this city is meant for you.

California, USA

You will get some affordable rental houses here, as it is one of the tourist places. So many rented houses are in the middle of the city only.


So these are some best and most affordable places to live in California, as many of the themes are small towns and cities, you can invest much in them to get easy profit. Also do enjoy the life of cities, as living in California is not everyone’s thing, you get a chance, so take a chance.

FAQs: Cheapest Places to Live in California

What is California famous for?

If you are looking for a vacation destination in the US, California is one of the best. It offers an abundance of attractions. From beautiful beaches to mountains, this state has it all.
It is home to famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and Death Valley. It also boasts a number of state and national parks.

How many states in California?

California is the most populous state in the United States. It has the highest point of the contiguous United States, Mount Whitney, at 14,494 feet. The state is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Nevada to the west, Arizona to the southeast, and Baja to the south.

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