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The 16 Best Rides of Dreamworks Water Park, New Jersey  

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Wade into the warm waters of Dreamworks, North America’s largest indoor waterpark which offers some of the most incredible attractions.

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Be it sliding through one of the world’s tallest trapdoor capsules, getting drenched by the world’s most enormous indoor dumping bucket, or going on the world’s longest hydromagnetic rocket coaster, everything in the Dreamworks water park does justice to its name.

Get, Set, Slide! in Dreamworks Water Park, New Jersey

The park features the most beloved characters from the Dreamworks universe including Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar penguins, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Dreamworks water park rides to plan a fun family day out:-

  1. Kung Fu Panda Temple of Awesomeness

Channelize your inner Dragon Warrior with Po at the Kung Fu Panda Temple of Awesomeness, an elaborate play structure featuring multiple slides, paths, and the world’s biggest indoor dumping bucket.

This is the perfect space for kids to revel in some splashy fun. There is a giant blue enclosed slide which is a favourite for the parents. So, invoke the child in you & get your swim gear out
for a fun family outing.

  1. Shrek’s Sinkhole Slammer

Shrek, one of the most favourite of Dreamworks characters has a swamp that’s awaiting you.

Match up with the ogre’s adventurous spirit as you get on a high- speed, multi-person raft that plunges into a gigantic 60-foot funnel. This is not for the faint of heart so get your daring vibes on.

  1. Thrillgascar & Jungle Jammer

The adrenaline is in the anticipation in these two slides. Almost similar with different names, both of them are characterized by their extreme height & the signature trapdoor element. Built up 17 stories high, they lock you into a trapdoor.

The few seconds of a wait before the fall are thrilling before the floor drops out, pulling you in 170 feet, making it one of the most exhilarating slides you’ll ever go for. It definitely will make a great story to boast about with your friends.

  1. Toothless’ Trickling Torpedo

While most waterslides use gravity to pull you down, this one is a hydro- magnetic water coaster, speeding you down. The tubes are launched by magnets making them go faster.

You’ll experience weightlessness many times, going through hills & drops on this thrilling slide. One of the most loved slides in Dreamworks water park, NJ, this is a must-try on your visit.

  1. Lemur Leap

A ‘toilet bowl’ slide, this slide features some smooth turns, while taking you spiralling down into a toilet-shaped bowl. The main element of this slide is the drop in the bowl-like structure, making it a fun attraction. You can enjoy the ride with your friend or a family member on a two-people tube. How exciting is that!

  1. Carnivortex

Experience the G-force as you drop from a trapdoor capsule into a horizontal loop. You’ll experience a short free fall before splashing in the end.

This is one of the four ‘drop-pod’ slides at Dreamworks and even with the shorter length, the anticipation is exhilarating.

  1. Speeding Frenzy

The perfect ride to enjoy with your bestie, this enclosed flume tube ride features many compact & quick turns. This is a fairly long slide with smooth twists and turns, making it worth the effort to climb up.

  1. Dragon Racers

One of the most unique slides of Dreamworks water park, New Jersey, this offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here. riders lay face down on a foam mat and face the plunge head-on. Get your mats on & try something new after all the tube slides.

  1. The Penguins Frozen Fun Zone

Visiting with the little ones? They will love it on these six kid-friendly slides just like their favourite Madagascar penguins. Witness the kiddos have the best day out as they make a splash.

  1. Dragon & Dronkey’s Flight

Are you ready to experience some zero-gravity moments? Then, hop on this slide with your friends as you look up at a super-sized Shrek statue sitting on a chair in this bowl-themed slide.

The sheer size & sweeping turns of this slide make it incredibly fun!

  1. Tube it

Hop on a tube & plummet down with the tempo-changing slide. This is a two- person tube slide so bring along your partner in crime for a memorable experience.

  1. Trolls Rainbow Racers

Befitting the name, these vibrant-coloured slides let you dive head-first into dark tunnels before making a sudden drop.

Get your competitive spirit on as you race down the finish line.

  1. Zany Zigzag and Zanier Zigzag

If you’re looking for some less intense rides after the adrenaline-pumping ones, go for these. The smooth turns & the satisfying length make for a pleasant experience.

  1. Soakin’ Surfari

Up for surfing indoors? This ride at Dreamworks got you covered. This 40-foot surf stimulator will leave you with the best of ocean vibes.

  1. Far Far a Bay

Lounge with the family in the largest heated indoor wave pool in the world! Revel in the excitement when the horn sounds as you prepare for the oncoming swells.

  1. Bubbly Lazy River

Wish to just laze around after fun times at the rides? Grab a tube & float around in this bubbly river where you’ll see a lot of Dreamworks characters on your relaxing journey.

With such fascinating slides, we are already bubbling with excitement. Get your swimsuits out & head for a fun day out at Dreamworks, one of the best waterparks in New Jersey.


How many rides does DreamWorks Water Park have?

16 water slides

Is there a DreamWorks Theme Park?

World of DreamWorks – a theme park in Hudson, Texas which holds lands based on DreamWorks animated films, and one based on live-action films.

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