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Asian Summers: Strawberry Picking In Pancasari, Bali

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Strawberries! Fruit from the heart.

NomadLawyer has collaborated with  local farmers in Pancasari village, in the quest to promote rural tourism specially strawberry picking. We invite travelers to visit our strawberry farm to experience the joy of Strawberry picking.

Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Would you like to pick these strawberries?

Travelling to Bali has almost become cliche these days. Hardly there will be anyone who has not heard about Bali. But I am sure you have not heard about Pancasari which is in close vicinity of Bali.

Slowly but surely, the digital nomad culture is also picking up in places near Bali. Bali is already a hub of digital nomads but now it is spreading in other areas like Ubud, Canggu, Pancasari and Bedugul.

Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Fresh from the farm

Why do Bali and nearby places attract digital nomads?

So are you thinking about living in Bali as a digital nomad? I believe it is a perfect call.

Let’s not focus on Bali, Ubud or Canggu instead through this blog we shall draw your attention to a place called Bedugul/Pancasari.

In Bedugul, Bali’s central highlands, it’s all about nature, where lake-side temples, strawberry farms and the cool mountain air invite you to enjoy a different side of the island,  its traditions, cheap means of livelihood and super fast internet connectivity  come together to make living in Bali’s central highlands – a quintessential paradise, an ideal  location for independent entrepreneurs.

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Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Road to Pancasari

Often the tourist trail stops at Ubud. That’s as far ‘north’ as many mainstream visitors will go, as part of the usual cycle of Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. Perhaps the lack of trendy eateries and the very limited accommodation has something to do with it, but denying a trip to Bedugul is to neglect a very different and interesting side of Bali.

Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Rice Cultivation in Ubud

Where can I pick strawberry in Bali?

For those who prefer a more leisurely activity, the community of Pancasari Village offers a good option. Some farmers have opened their doors to welcome visitors that are interested in agriculture. We can see how they grow the freshest flowers and vegetables to supply most of Bali. For a more hands-on experience, strawberry picking is another option. It’s a fun and fruitful activity for the whole family.

Strawberry Fields : Picking Berries!

With your dose of culture done for the day, it’s time to explore Bedugul’s farmlands. The area is famous for its strawberries, sold all around Bali but particularly aggressively in the markets and street stalls here. A claim to fame, if you will. So, as you’re at the source, rather than buying strawberries at the market, why not go and pick some for yourself!

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Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Small strawberry plant

Funnily enough – and the farmers will be the first to tell you – in fact, it’s Bedugul’s neighbouring area called Pancasari that is responsible for growing the fruit. A quick 10-minute drive from Pura Ulun Danu Baratan gets you there.

Here, the farms receive visitors based on rotation to keep business fair.  Each spot is individually run and each farm has done up their experience differently. All are very welcoming, of course, as you speak directly with the farmers who are delighted to have you visit the farms.

This is how the farm looks like

Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Why not farm strawberrys organically ?
Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Strawberry farm with a view

For around Rp.10,000 per person, you’ll be given a little basket and brought to the rows and rows of strawberry fields. You’re invited to pick the best fruits and eat on the spot. When you’re done and your basket is full you’ll be charged roughly Rp.25,000 for a basket of 250g, or Rp.50.000 for a whole kilo, if in season. The best time to pick strawberries is between July and October, when the harvests are full and the berries are juicy, plump and sweet.

Summer Of 2020 Strawberry Picking In Pancasari Bali
Let’s sell these in the market, my friend! 

The farms there also offer fresh strawberry juice, a great way to cool off after a round of picking fruits under the sun. The farms at Segening are found sloping down the mountainside, a quaint and quiet spot with views out to Bedugul. A favourite farm among them was Hidden Strawberry Garden.

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Don’t forget to visit Bedugul Traditional Markets

Back to the main road from the Bali Botanical Gardens, the main Bedugul Traditional Markets (Pasar Bedugul) can be found. Here, fresh produce, potted plants and handmade souvenirs are on offer, the colours of freshly delivered tropical fruits and organic vegetables piling all over each other. Everything from dragonfruit to rambutan, snake skin fruit (salak) and of course strawberries, can be bought here. Local snacks can be purchased here too, but of course it is up to your bargaining skills to get the best price!

In a nutshell, if you are in Bali or planning a trip to Bali, don’t forget to include Bedugul/Pancasari for a different experience.

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