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Stone Chapel: A Historical Stone Masterpiece In Springfield One Must Visit

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Tourist Attractions: Stone Chapel, A Historical Stone Masterpiece In Springfield One Must Visit

Stone Chapel is a great place to visit in Springfield. This chapel, located on the southwest side of Drury University is one of the oldest stones structures in the city. 

Built in 1880, Stone Chapel is a historic chapel in Springfield. It hosts a number religious activities such as the LOGOS Christianity Fellowship, Catholic Campus Ministries and Chow and Chapel events, weddings, graduation Baccalaureate and other various secular activities.

Stone Chapel

Its purpose was to promote faith and higher learning. Stone Chapel has a library where classes were held. 

Stone Chapel can hold 510 persons on its second-floor sanctuary. However, the first floor contains a large lounge, kitchenette, choir and meeting facilities.

Stone Chapel is one of Springfield’s most sought-after places to get married. It was added to the Springfield Historic Sites Record in October 1973 and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982.


In 1876, Frederick Marquand, New York City, donated $5,000 to the construction of the chapel. Although the chapel was originally intended to be built of brick, plans for it were altered in 1881. 

Mrs. Valerie Stone donated $50,000 to the college with $20,000 for the building of the chapel. Stone Chapel was proposed as a name for the chapel, which could be made from quarried limestone.

Valerie Stone was a supporter of higher education opportunities for women and African Americans. Stone’s niece was a Drury student at that time. It was uncommon for African-American women to have such opportunities during this period.

Stone Chapel

Stone Chapel reflected the building material used and the name of the last donor. Stone Chapel was the first building constructed from stone in Springfield. This made the chapel even more beautiful and long-lasting. It still stands, making it Springfield’s oldest stone building.

Stone Chapel’s cornerstone was laid on November 16, 1880. The work continued until 1882, when the money ran out. The chapel was still incomplete and needed $4,400. Work was stopped. 

Due to a poorly installed furnace, a fire broke out. This was on December 12, 1882. This fire destroyed the entire building as the city’s waterworks were not yet in operation. 

It was suggested that the college rebuild the chapel in the same location using the remaining stone walls. The chapel was completed and paid for in June 1892. The Stone Chapel was built over twelve years from 1880 to 1892.


Stone Chapel, as stated by Todd Parnell, was to be sustainable for our environment and in line with Drury’s core values. This institution will be acknowledged as one of the institutions of higher education that are committed to sustainability.

The Stone Chapel was once a beautiful small church. It is now a rental property. This building was built in the Mid 19th Century Revival style. The Chapel was designed by Williams & Franklin. 

Stone Chapel

The installation of new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems makes it most eco-friendly. Stone Chapel was designed by Todd Parnell, former President. It must be sustainable for the environment.

You can find more information about Stone Chapel on the history and take a virtual visit.

Drury University:

While Drury University is no longer closely affiliated with the Disciples of Christ denomination but Stone Chapel still serves as a symbol of unity for the university.


The Stone Chapel is a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture. The chapel was built in 1893 and has been used as both an office building and a church. It is now a chapel and community hall. 

Construction of the chapel began May 1887. In the winter of 1886-1887, large stones washed in saltwater were dragged to church site. This was a first in Springfield.

Stone Chapel

A south transept was added in the spring 1920 to the chapel. The building was able to accommodate 220 people by the end of 20th century. Also, a new chancel was built.

The chapel has a ground source heating system and cooling system. The cooling system keeps the interior cool in the summer months.

Stained Glass Windows:

Stained glass windows were used to lighten a church’s interior. The windows lighten up the space and also create bright illumination. They also have a spiritual function. They are used to teach about faith and Christianity.

Stone Chapel

An alloy of lead was used by stained-glass artists in the past. In the early 1900s, however, artisans began to use pure lead. The artisan had to not only know the ingredients and the proper proportions of the ingredients, but he also had to ensure that the furnace was sufficiently hot and that the flame was not too high.

Renovating the building:

In the 1950s, the chapel’s slate roof was removed and replaced by a steel spire. A new chancel was constructed in 1955. The interior woodwork of the chapel was much improved in the 1950s. The original chapel could accommodate 1,000-1500 people, but it was reduced to 800 after remodeling.

At the time it was built, the city didn’t have any stone buildings.

You’ll see many new features as you move around the building. The building has a new roof, elevator and lighting system. The interior renovation of the chapel is what has received the most praise.

Stone Chapel

The generosity of donors and former trustees made this project possible. The elevator will transport visitors to the main sanctuary. It also has a concrete parking lot, geothermal heating, and air conditioning, among other features.

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