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Spokane Valley : Top 6 Places to Visit in Spokane Valley

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Spokane Valley is a bordering city, Spokane, and Liberty Lake. It is commonly referred to as the valley by Spokane residents and those living nearby Coeur d’Alene. Its name is derived from the Spokane River valley, which is where it is situated. 

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum is a museum that preserves Spokane’s history. Spokane Valley is the home of the Spokane Indians, a minor league baseball team.

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 It is convenient enough to commute to work from Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and Seattle. The city has a small-town feel and hosts small festivals like the Spokane County Interstate Fair and Valleyfest.

Latah Creek Wine Cellars #1

Latah Creek’s stylistic goal is to make wines that taste just like the grapes they are made from. This is achieved by using traditional winemaking methods and the selection of exceptional fruits. The wines are kept as fresh and natural as possible from grape to bottle. The family-owned winery continues to set new standards in winemaking by producing new varieties every season, as well as their highly-acclaimed range of wine.

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More Details About Latah Creek Wine Cellars

Address : 13030 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, United States
Phone : +1 509-926-0164

Iller Creek Conservation Area #2

Iller Creek Conservation Area is a haven for nature. It has beautiful views from the top. This is a peaceful place where you can spend the day in tranquility and peace. You can do everything at this spot, from hiking to trekking to sightseeing.

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You can enjoy a hike in the Spokane Valley with your family or friends, and the lush greenery of dense forest. Nature lovers should visit Iller Creek Conservation Area. It is the perfect weekend getaway. 

More Details About Iller Creek Conservation Area

Address : 9001 E Holman Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, United States
Phone : +1 509-477-4730

Dishman Hills Natural Area #3

The granite outcroppings formed 70 million years ago by volcanic magma that travelled up through the Earth’s crust. The protected Dishman Hills Natural Resources Conservation Area, which has a craggy, potholed appearance and deep gullies was created by the Missoula Floods. It is one of Washington’s most ecologically diverse places. Here, forests, grasslands and shrublands blend. It is surrounded the Cascade Mountains, and lies within two ecoregions: the Okanagan or Northern Rockies.

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Its hills are composed of small ravines, ponds and huge slabs of granite. They support a ponderosa-pine-dominated eco-system, which also includes over 300 floral plants, including Indian Camas, and 73 types of mushrooms.

More Details About Dishman Hills Natural Area

Address : 625 S Sargent Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99212, United States
Phone : +1 509-598-0003

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum #4

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum aims to preserve and share the region’s heritage. These stories cover aviation history, agricultural heritage, military life, and many other topics. Our interactive, informative exhibits introduce our visitors to the people and places that have made the Valley and its surrounding areas what it is today. The roots of the Valley are in the courage, strength, and desire of the pioneers who set out to achieve the American dream.

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Museum exhibits rotate and educate about local history as well as state and national history and space exploration. Community volunteers are the Museum’s primary staff. They have a passion about history and education.

More Details About Spokane Valley Heritage Museum

Address : 12114 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, United States
Phone : +1 509-922-4570

Discovery Playground #5

This playground is focused on activities that are both accessible and beneficial to children and adults with disabilities, acute or chronic injury, physical limitations, or developmental disabilities. Discovery Playground is designed to be inclusive, developmentalally progressive, therapeutic, and kinetically stimulating.

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More Details About Discovery Playground

Address :  2426 N Discovery Pl, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, United States
Phone : +1 509-720-5200

The Islands Trail Head #6

The Island Trailhead sections can be found on both sides the Spokane River, beginning at Mile 12. This is the perfect spot for a bike ride or trail run. Everyone can relax and enjoy the tranquil river water. This section of trail requires sunscreen.

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More Details About The Islands Trail Head

Address : Centennial Trail, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, United States
Phone :

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