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Shocking: Covid Makes Shimla A Deserted Town

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Imtiaz Ullah
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Life of people in Shimla like most of the places in India has come to a standstill and  the tourism sector has been crippled by the second wave of Covid in India. The deserted look of the streets in Shimla which seemed to be a distant dream has turned into reality.

The occupancy in the state’s hotels remains at peak during this time on normal weekends, but this time, there are hardly any tourists in the hotels.

Faith- to see happy days again, stay safe and be positive.

It is very rare to see Shimla without tourists. The hullabaloo, the tourism frenzy, commotion at the Mall and eating joints packed with tourists are the hallmark of Shimla – The Queen of Hills.

It does not matter whether weekdays or weekends, summer or winter, Shimla is always blessed with tourists. Not surprisingly tourism is the mainstay of the people here and is the backbone of the economy. But with the fresh Covid surge the tourism sector has taken a nosedive. 

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Conversation with Anil Attri

Team NomadLawyer spoke to Anil Atri, Managing Director of Tourism Scouts of India and The Traveller Trails. He gave an overview on how tourism took a hit post the first phase, small tourism business vanished and many tourism professionals lost their jobs. Slowly but surely post the first wave, it was improving and there seemed to be a ray of hope. But the second wave hit the nail on the coffin. He further added, bookings have been cancelled, Hotels in Himachal Pradesh are receiving more cancellation requests than fresh bookings ever since reports of the second wave of coronavirus hitting India emerged.

This was basically a big blow before the summer season which is the peak time for tourism. 

He further said, “foreign travels remain completely suspended since last year and there is no scope for it in the near future.

The Queen of Hills sans any tourist

Keep Doing Good- Sevice to Humanity

On being asked what is keeping him busy these days, he said, “we have less or no tourism work at present so our team is trying to offer food to the people in need or the Covid affected people”.  Keep up the good work and we are with you. We plan to provide more food packets to people who need the most. You are also welcome to join the cause.

Watch the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d326pr4vjZk

Hope we sail through the difficult time and we see a revival of the economy including the tourism sector. Till then stay safe, take precautions and don’t escape to the hills to beat the summers. 

We will leave you with some photos of deserted Shimla which tells a different story. Photos Contributed by Anil Attri.

Where is the hustle bustle?

I walk a lonely road on a boulevard of broken dreams

Near hotel Auckland- Lakkar Bazaar

Completely deserted

Fire Station 

Indian flag still flying 

Hope there is one customer, local business affected

No employees -Tourism Scouts and T3 office

The phone stopped ringing for travel enquiries


Happy times before Covid hit us bad- Mask up was not the normal then with Anil Attri.

Hope we sail through this soon and we can again say ‘Travel and Don’t Stop’

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