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RYE: 6 Best Places To Visit in RYE, New York

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Tourist Attractions In RYE, New York

Rye can be described as a suburban town located in Westchester County. It is the United States’ newest city .

It is distinct from the Town of Rye which has more land than the city. Rye was formerly known as the Village of Rye. The population density of the 5.85-square-miles of land is approximately 2,729.76/sq mile.

Rye has the most rich history of any Westchester County community. It is located on the Long Island Sound, and was named by an English group of settlers in 1660.

Rye today still attracts New York City residents who are looking for day trips to the city. However, it also hosts a fair number of commuters.

The Village of Rye was incorporated separately in 1904 and was already a popular beach destination. It developed quickly as a residential suburb in New York City (24 mi [39 km] southwest). With the advent of commuter trains and trolley cars, it was chartered as an independent city in 1942. Its Square House, once the Haviland Inn c.1731 was an important stop on the old Boston Post Road.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, large Rye estates were subdivided into smaller parcels to build suburban homes. In 1910, Loudon Woods was created from the estate Jared Peck built on the Boston Post Road in 1861. Indian Village was also developed around the same time as the Halsted property close to the Knapp House. In the 1920s, the Brevoort farm was transformed into Greenhaven and became home to prominent families.


This is the county’s most beautiful city. This picture-perfect community features a long island sound beachfront, a charming New England-like downtown shopping area and a town square.

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve #1

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is a paradise for nature lovers, particularly those who enjoy bird-watching. It covers more than 1,000 acres and includes everything from marshland, sand, and woods. It is home to over 4,000 species.You can choose from five different bird-watching huts. To enjoy stunning scenery, choose from one of five comfortable bird-watching huts .

This one is the closest to Camber Castle and it never disappoints.


You can also hike on one of the numerous footpaths that will take you through salt marshes and saline lagoons to vast grassland. These main paths are ideal for people pushing strollers, wheelchairs, or bikes.

The Rye Harbour Discovery Centre opened in April 2020. It will provide a comfortable place to relax, learn and observe animals.

More Details About Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Address:Harbour Rd, Rye Harbour, Rye TN31 7TX, United Kingdom
Contact: +44 1797 360960

St. Mary’s Church Tower #2

Rye’s focal point is St. Mary’s Church. The Cathedral of East Sussex, St. Mary’s, is a landmark that dominates the hill where the old town sits. It has been standing since over 900 years.

St. Mary’s has been through many tragedies over the years. In 1377, French invaders set fire to the town and looted it. The church roof collapsed and the bells of the church were taken to France.

One year later, the bells were retrieved by Rye men who sailed to Normandy to set fire to two towns and recover the stolen goods. To warn of future attacks, one was hung at Watchbell Street’s end. The bell was not returned to the church until the 1600s.

The clock at St. Mary’s Church was built in the middle of 1500s and is the oldest functioning church turret clock in the UK. Quarter Boys were installed in 1760. They ring each quarter.

Climb the church tower to see it all! To see and hear, you can climb the narrow church tower. There are 8 bells hanging from the tower. For 360-degree views of Rye, the countryside and over to the English Channel, climb up to the roof.

More Details About St. Mary’s Church Tower

Address:Castlegate, York YO1 9RN, United Kingdom
Contact: +441904687687

Rye Castle Museum and Climb Ypres Tower #3

Rye Castle Museum is one the most popular attractions in Rye. It consists of the Ypres Tower, and East Street. Both are a short distance away. Henry III commissioned the Ypres Tower as part of a defense strategy to repel French invaders. It was later used for the town’s prison.

The Women’s Tower is located down a small staircase within the garden and was the first prison for women in the country. It is a beautiful spot with stunning views.

The museum’s East Street site was opened in 1999 and offers visitors the opportunity to see the collections and learn more about Rye and the Ypres Tower. It is open from April 1 to Oct 31 .

Both sites are child-friendly, making learning about history enjoyable for all ages. Children are encouraged to touch and get close to many exhibits at both locations, including interactive maps, and an area where they may pull a medieval bow or lift a heavy sword.

More Details About Rye Castle Museum and Climb Ypres Tower

Address:Gungarden, Rye TN31 7HE, United Kingdom
Contact: +441797226728

Cobbles Tea Room #4

You can only find out for certain if you try them all. Fletchers House is one of my favorite tea rooms. It has some of the best Rye scones I have ever tasted. This winding laneway takes you back in time, transporting you to a magical land full of surprises at every turn. It runs between Strand Street and West Streets in the old town.


It is also home to one of the most well-known Inns in southeast England, The Mermaid Inn. Despite its past as a haven for smugglers, this Tudor inn of historical Tudor is charming.

For traditional English afternoon tea, visit Cobbles Tea Room located just off The Mint. This tea room is located in a charming cottage decorated with flowers and has been open for over 60 years.

More Details About Cobbles Tea Room

Address:1 Hylands Yard Off, The Mint, Rye TN31 7EP, United Kingdom
Contact: +447485437893

Lamb House Tour #5

Lamb House was once home to Henry James and E.F. Benson. It provided inspiration for many of their famous works. In James’ description of Mr. Langdon’s home in An Awkward Year, you can see the small but elegant house. It’s also one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rye.

James wrote a lot in the Green Room but spent his summers in the Garden Room. This was unfortunately destroyed in a 1940 bombing raid. Visitors can now see the Green Room in person, as well as the entrance hall, oak parlor and dining room. Lamb House has been redesigned to give more access to the most loved spaces of the authors to those who want to get inside their heads.

Enjoy a cup of tea at the new Courtyard Tee Room. You can borrow a book to enjoy some solitude and a piece of cake.

More Details About Lamb House Tour

Address:West St, Rye TN31 7ES, United Kingdom
Contact: +441797222909

Royal Military Canal #6

As you stroll along the tranquil Royal Military Canal, let any stress melt away. It is possible to follow the water’s path from Iden Lock to the Appledore Dam via a scenic walking or cycling route. The canal is a well-traveled walking route and has a fascinating history. It was dug by hand in the early 19th-century to protect the towns of Hythe, Winchelsea.

It is used to maintain water levels in the marsh area and protect it from floods. This is a great place to bird-watch and a haven for wildlife. To catch a fish from the Royal Military Canal, you will need a permit from Rother Fishery Association (RFA).

More Details About Royal Military Canal

FAQs About 6 Best Places To Visit in RYE, New York

What County is Rye NY in?

If you are looking to relocate to New York, you may be wondering: What county is Rye NY in? Rye is a coastal suburb of the county of Westchester in New York. The city and town are separate entities, with the town occupying more land than the city. Originally a village, Rye received its city charter in 1942, making it the state’s youngest city. However, the two are often referred to as the “City of Rye” because the Town of Rye has much larger land area.

How Did Rye NY Get Its Name?

How did Rye NY get its name? is one of the most commonly asked questions among tourists and locals alike. However, the town has more interesting history. Originally, most people from Rye were farmers. However, many of them took up other trades as well. The population of Rye rose from 722 in 1710 to 986 by 1790. The thriving town was home to two schools, five churches, and a library when the Erie Canal was completed in 1825. The city grew quickly, and by 1850, Rye had a thriving population of 3,500 people.

What is Rye NY Known For?

What is Rye NY known for? This small town has an array of cultural and culinary offerings that will please any palate. Restaurants range from fine dining to seafood and steakhouses to sushi and Mediterranean fare. Families and those looking for a hearty breakfast will find plenty to choose from. Located along Milton Road, there are also plenty of places to pick up a coffee or a delicious pastry. And if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, a rye bread sandwich will be perfect!

Is Rye NY Rich?

Is Rye NY Rich? It depends on what you mean by rich. The city is known for its many historic landmarks and historical attractions, but is Rye itself rich? Let’s take a closer look. The residents of Rye are affluent and live in an affluent neighborhood. Rye is home to several millionaires. Here are some facts about the city’s wealthy residents.


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