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Sayreville: Best Places to visit in Sayreville & Nearby, NJ

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Tourist Attractions in Sayreville, New Jersey

“You’re in the right place if you are looking for a home in Sayreville, New Jersey. This area is known as a center of national interest and is home to one the largest megachurches in the country. Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center was established in 1980 and has over 10,000 weekly attendees. It was ranked 44th in the Outreach magazine’s list of 100 largest churches in America in 2013. This church is located in Kennedy Park and hosts two community football teams.

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Garden State Parkway is the most visible highway that serves the community. It also includes U.S. 9 & Route 35. Sayreville is also connected to Interstate 95 and Route 440. You can also access Interstate 95, Route 440 and U.S. 1 & 36 from the town. It is easy to travel around Sayreville. Most residents use public transportation to get from work to play. Although there are not many public parking spaces in the area, you can find hotels and motels nearby.

Sayreville once housed a large brick-making facility. It continues to make bricks and other materials. It developed other industries in the 20th century, such as glass, gunpowder and paints, pigments and nitrocellulose. It also made cookies, crackers, and xray films. It is no surprise that Sayreville, a small town, can produce such a wide range of products.

Starland Ballroom #1

Places to visit in Sayreville
Starland Ballroom

“The Starland Ballroom is a small concert venue in Sayreville. The venue hosts both local and touring bands including metal, rock, and punk.

Website:Starland Ballroom
Phone:+1 732-238-5500

The Ale House #2

Places to visit in Sayreville
The Ale House

The Ale House, a bar and restaurant in Sayreville NJ offers many food options to its customers. There are a variety of options for food, including burgers, wings, and pizzas.”

Website:The Ale House
Phone:+1 732-721-6223

Sayreville Recreation Complex #3

Places to visit in Sayreville
Sayreville Recreation Complex

The Sayreville Recreation Complex has a number of fields that are open to the public. These fields include softball, baseball diamonds and soccer fields, which are also home to Sayreville Soccer Club.

Website:Sayreville Recreation Complex
Phone:+1 732-390-7092
You can find it in:Sayreville Municipal Building

214, US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla #4

214, US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla

“The 21st US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla supports the Coast Guard in a variety of roles. The flotilla offers education about boating safety and is active in the local community.”

Address:167 Main St, Sayreville, NJ 08872, United States
Phone:+1 732-698-2222

Sayreville Main Street Theater Company #5

Places to visit in Sayreville
Sayreville Main Street Theater Company

“The Sayreville Main Street Theater Company is a theater company that also offers acting classes. Young and old alike can take acting classes.”

Website:Sayreville Main Street Theater Company

Legacy Riding Stables #6

Places to visit in Sayreville
Legacy Riding Stables

Legacy Riding Stables offers 500-acre trails where you can ride your horse. You can also rent pony rides or use the picnic area for private parties.”

Website:Sayreville Main Street Theater Company
Phone:+1 732-727-3838

Raritan Bay Waterfront Park #7

Raritan Bay Waterfront Park

The beach is usually clean. There is not much trash. There are rocks right by the water’s edge. There are sandy beaches further down the beach. It’s not the best place to sunbathe because of its harder texture. If you’re looking for shells, this is the place to be. There are many of them. Be careful not to step on crab carcasses or any other critter carcasses.

Website:Raritan Bay Waterfront Park
Phone:+1 732-745-3900

FAQs: Places to Visit in Sayreville (New Jersey)

What’s Sayreville NJ famous for?

It is home to a diverse community with roots in American, Polish, German and Irish culture. The population has been growing in diversity over the years with an increasing number of Asians. About one-third of the population speaks English not at all. Sayreville also has an increasing number of college students and medical facilities. Sayreville is a quiet, affordable, and quaint place to live.

Is Sayreville an attractive place to live?

Sayreville, NJ, was originally incorporated in 1876, first as a township. It was then reincorporated in 1919 as a borough. It is conveniently located near U.S. 9 and the Garden State Parkway, making it easy for residents to reach Interstate 287 and the New Jersey Turnpike from any part of the town. Sunnyside is open for weekend brunch to Sayreville residents. Brickhouse Bar & Grill or Pizza Heaven are great options for quick meals. There are many grocery stores in the area, so everyone will find what they need.

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