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Pico Rivera: Best 7 Places to visit in Pico Rivera, CA

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Pico Rivera's central location makes it easy for people to reach nearby beaches and cities. There are nine parks, eight playgrounds and many cafes and restaurants in the city. Crossroads Plaza and Pico Rivera Towne Centre are just two examples of shopping areas."

Pico Rivera, a city with 63,000 residents is located in Los Angeles County. It is located 11 miles from Los Angeles. Pico Rivera hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Festival Colombiano.

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Best Time to visit Pico Rivera

The clearer part of the year in Pico Rivera begins around April 25 and lasts for 6.3 months, ending around November 4. The clearest month of the year in Pico Rivera is August, during which on average the sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 90% of the time.

Places to visit in Pico Rivera

"Pico Rivera has many attractions to explore, but they are easy enough for solo and family travelers. Find out what the top Pico Rivera attractions are and have an amazing time."

Pico Rivera History & Heritage Museum #1

Pico Rivera History & Heritage, a small museum in the community, does a wonderful job of introducing you to the history of the new neighborhood. The museum’s many artifacts and old literature as well as paintings take you back in time to when the city wasn’t even founded. It was first inhabited by Native Americans and then by Spanish and Mexican settlers.

Places to visit in Pico Rivera
Pico Rivera History & Heritage Museum

You will be delighted (and proud) to hear that the museum's docents are happy to answer your questions. You can always ask for more information so don't forget!

Website:Pico Rivera History & Heritage
Phone:+1 562-949-7100
Hours:Tuesday & Thursday: 12pm – 4pm (closed Fri – Mon & Wednesday)

Pico Rivera Sports Arena offers a great show #2

Places to visit in Pico Rivera
Pico Rivera Sports Arena offers a great show

Pico Rivera Sport Arena, which is well-known for hosting music and rodeos, is another great place to go if you’re looking to enjoy a show. The arena is a favorite haunt of the Hispanic community, who visit it to see the daily Latin entertainment shows. You will not regret buying a ticket to the Charreada or Jaripeo (rodeo-like sporting) events that are held here.

Website:Pico Rivera Sports Arena
Phone:+1 562-695-0747

Pico Rivera Towne Centre #3

Pico Rivera Towne Centre

“Pico Rivera Towne Center is close by so you know you won’t be disappointed in the town’s shopping and dining scene. Pico Rivera Towne Center, with its many shops and restaurants, is a busy spot. Bath & Body Works and Marshalls are just a few of the showrooms. Subway, Chili’s and Panera are also available.

Website:Pico Rivera Towne Center
Phone:+1 562-938-1722
Hours:Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm; Sat:10am-8pm; Sun:10am-6pm

Rivera Park #4

Pico Rivera residents love Rivera Park. It is home to an excellent indoor gym, large athletic fields, a large outdoor playground and a children’s swing area. This makes it a popular spot for families with small children. Even better is the fact that you can also take Zumba and other classes in the gymnasium.

Places to visit in Pico Rivera
Rivera Park

“You can also sign up for Zumba or other classes in the gym (charged separately). There’s also a snack bar available so you can grab a bite and sit down on one of the many benches or the ground to soak in the California sun.”

Website:Rivera Park
Phone:+1 562-801-4454
Hours:6:30am-10pm (daily)

Rio Vista Park #5

Are you enjoying the beautiful weather? Take a picnic. Where? At Rio Vista Park. Another great city facility, Rio Vista Park boasts excellent basketball courts, baseball pitches, children’s play areas and designated picnic areas. It is a popular spot for families. The sun is warm and you can relax while your children play. It hosts several sports coaching classes, so it can get quite crowded at times.

Places to visit in Pico Rivera
Rio Vista Park

“The facility is amazing, so make sure to pack your picnic baskets! Although the park is open all day, certain activities and facilities are closed at specific times. For more information, visit the park’s website.

Website:Rio Vista Park
Phone:1 562-942-2240
Hours:Open 24 hours

Cinepolis Cinemas #6

Places to visit in Pico Rivera
Cinepolis Cinemas

Village Walk Shopping Center offers a wide range of shopping and pampering options. But what’s better than relaxing and watching a movie? Cinepolis Cinemas Pico Rivera’s best multiplex where you can catch the latest movies. You can watch 4DX movies in this multiplex, which is very popular with kids. Don’t delay and book your tickets as soon as possible. Movie tickets can be purchased on-site, or online through a variety of mediums including the Cinepolis Cinemas website.

Website:Cinepolis Cinemas
Phone:+1 562-205-3456

Tierra Mia Coffee #7

This cafe was a hit on Pico Rivera’s hospitality market in 2012, and it has been a favourite among caffeine-lovers ever since. Tierra Mia Coffee is known for its Latin-inspired coffees. The most popular are colo loco and horchata cream, mocha Mexicano and Cubano.

Places to visit in Pico Rivera
Tierra Mia Coffee

"Their other beverages and confectionery are equally delicious - mango strawberry fresca, guava-cheese pie, and many more. You can choose to sit down or order your cup from the drive-thru outlet."

Website:Tierra Mia Coffee
Phone:+1 562-942-8700
Hours:Sun-Thu: 6am-12am; Fri-Sat: 6am-1am

FAQ: Places to visit in Pico Rivera

Where did Pico Rivera get its name?

Pio Pico in 1845 became governor of California, the last Mexican governor before the state entered the Union in 1850, and he was the original landowner of the town of Pico. Rivera, the northernmost of the two communities, was so-named for its location between the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel rivers.

Who founded Pico Rivera?

The early history of the city of Pico Rivera began in 1887 when two land developers, J. Fletcher Isbell and W. T. Bone, bought the Rivera town site from Joseph Hartley Burke, Louis L. Bequette, and A. A. Bermudez.

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