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Monterey Park : Best Places to Visit in Monterey Park, CA

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"Monterey Park is home to approximately 60,000 people and is located in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County. Monterey Park's location is the best. Although the city is quite small, Los Angeles' downtown is just seven miles away."

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The slogan of the city is “Pride In the Past, Faith for the Future.” It is fitting since the city is still close to its roots, but is determined to be a modern urban center with state-of the-art facilities, as well as a variety of cultural events and attractions that reflect the city’s diversity.

Monterey Park’s location is the best. Although the city is quite small, Los Angeles’ downtown is just seven miles away.

You’ll find many parks and museums in Monterey Park. Many of the restaurants can be found in the downtown area. The city is known for its diversity and reputation as a foodie’s paradise.

Best time to visit Monterey Park

The clearer part of the year in Monterey Park begins around May 16 and lasts for 1.8 months, ending around July 8. The clearest month of the year in Monterey Park is June, during which on average the sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 79% of the time.

Places to Visit in Monterey Park

"Monterey Park hosts many festivals and events throughout the year. Below are of the best things to do in and around Monterey Park, California."

The Vincent Price Art Museum #1

Places to Visit in Monterey Park
The Vincent Price Art Museum

The Vincent Price Art Museum in Monterey Park is a hidden treasure and a must-see. This art museum is located on the campus of Ease Los Angeles College in Avenida Cesar Chavez. It has been open since 1957.

The museum is named after Vincent Price, a late actor and great actor. It currently houses more than 9,000 art pieces in seven galleries and 100 exhibits.

Rotating exhibitions are also featured at the museum that highlight contemporary and popular art, something different than traditional museums.

Website:The Vincent Price Art Museum
Phone:+1 323-265-8841
Hours:12–4pm (Wed-Sun)

Edison Trails Park #2

Edison Trails Park offers the best of both indoor and outdoor living. This 11-acre park, located on South Garfield Avenue is in the middle Monterey Park. It’s a great place to get away from the city hustle and bustle.

Places to Visit in Monterey Park
Edison Trails Park

Edison Trails Park offers walking trails, tennis courts and a playground. It also has a fitness center. This is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring and doing some exercise.

Website:Edison Trails Park
Phone:+1 626-307-1458
Hours:6am–10:30pm (Daily)

Garvey Ranch Observatory #3

If you love stargazing or astronomy, Garvey Ranch Observatory should be on your list. Garvey Ranch Observatory is managed by the Los Angeles Astronomical Society. It houses a telescope-production shop and an eight-inch refractor.

Places to Visit in Monterey Park
Garvey Ranch Observatory

Richard Garvey, a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurship, donated his ranch to Monterey Park with the condition that it be used for education and recreation.

"Stargazing is not the only activity you can do inside Garvey Ranch Observatory. For those who wish to see the night sky, the site is available to the public on selected evenings during the week."

Website:Garvey Ranch Observatory
Phone:+1 213-673-7355
Hours:7:30–10pm (Daily)

Barnes Park – Play sports #4

Barnes Park is located in the city’s heart and is a popular spot for both locals as well as visitors. It is a large public space with amenities like tennis courts, free play areas and an amphitheater.

Places to Visit in Monterey Park
Barnes Park

You will also find basketball courts, baseball fields, a playground and many picnic areas. Barnes Park is the ideal place to unwind, relax, play sports or socialize with your community.

Website:Barnes Park
Phone:+1 626-307-1388
Hours:6am–10pm (Daily)

Happy Family Restaurant #5

Places to Visit in Monterey Park
Happy Family Restaurant

No matter if you have ever tried Chinese cuisine, you should try Happy Family Restaurant when you are in Monterey Park. This restaurant is located on North Atlantic Boulevard and specializes in healthy, delicious plant-based Chinese cuisine.

For years, the Happy Family Restaurant has been serving delicious food that both locals and tourists love.

There are many options on the menu, including soups and appetizers, as well as seafood, noodles, rice meals, vegan options, and even vegan options."

Website:Happy Family Restaurant
Phone:+1 626-282-8986
Hours:11:50am–9pm (Daily)

Relax in the Harmony Spa at Monterey Park #6

Places to Visit in Monterey Park
Harmony Spa at Monterey Park

It can be exhausting to tour Monterey Park. Harmony Spa in Monterey Park is a great place to take a break from all that walking and exploring.

The Harmony Spa of Monterey, located on West Garvey Avenue is a boutique spa offering a variety of relaxing and healing treatments.

“You can choose from the traditional Thai massage or the combination of deep tissue, Shiatsu, and Swedish massages.”

Website:Harmony Spa at Monterey Park
Phone:+1 626-380-8954
Hours:10am–10:45pm (Daily)

Monterey Park Golf Club #7

Monterey Park Golf Club

California’s weather and landscape are perfect for golf. Monterey Park Golf Club offers the ideal place to play a few rounds. The Monterey Park Golf Club in Southern California is a true jewel.

It is a beautiful, well-kept course that offers players an enjoyable and challenging game. The Monterey Park Golf Club has something for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or a veteran.

Website:Monterey Park Golf Club
Phone:+1 323-266-4632
Hours:6am–10pm (Daily)

FAQ: Places to visit in Monterey Park

What is Monterey Park known for?

Monterey Park is also known to celebrate the culture of its residents and hosts several events throughout the year, such as its annual Lunar New Year Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Cinco de Mayo celebration, and Geranium Festival & Artwalk.

Is Monterey Park good?

Monterey Park came in at No. 3 on Money Magazine’s annual list of the best places to live in America, thanks to its good schools, neighbors, and growing economy. According to the Money Magazine, the city boasts a high school graduation rate of 92.3 percent, and projected job growth in the area is 4.7 percent.

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