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Montebello : Best 7 PLaces to visit in Montebello, CA

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"Montebello, a historic community of 62,000 people, is located in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County."

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This Los Angeles suburb was once an agricultural center. It is now a gateway city that offers many parks and recreational opportunities. It is centrally located and has easy access to other cities as well as the beaches.

There are many places to eat and shop in Montebello. Montebello and its surroundings host a variety festivals and events throughout each year.

The best times to visit Montebello

March 5th to July 15th


October 1st to December 9th


The average temperature in Montebello varies a lot. With very little chance of snow or rain, the temperatures are very pleasant all year. This area has a more pleasant climate than many other tourist destinations, ranking in the 86th percentile of countries for pleasant weather.

The hottest months to visit Montebello are August, September and July. Below are the average monthly temperatures. The warmest season is usually late August or early September. Highs are typically around 88.5degF (31.4degC), with night temperatures seldom falling below 67degF (19.4degC).

Places to visit in Montebello

"Montebello is home to many wonderful places. Montebello has hidden gems waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by anyone who loves hiking or cycling. Find out the top spots to visit in the area and start planning your next adventure."

Montebello Historical Society #1

"The Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Historical Site and Museum is managed by the Montebello Historical Society. It's located on the site where the oldest Montebello residence was. The Adobe is an important part of the city’s history, dating back to 1844."

PLaces to visit in Montebello
Montebello Historical Society

Through a variety of exhibits, this museum will tell you about the history and city of the Sanchez family. There will also be rooms that are furnished to reflect this period and old photographs. The museum hosts a variety of educational and community events throughout the year.

Website:Montebello Historical Society
Phone:+1 323-887-4592
Hours:Saturday- 12–3pm

Montebello Municipal Golf Course #2

"Montebello Municipal Golf Course is considered to be one the best municipal golf courses in the area. It has a rich and colorful history dating back nearly 100 years."

PLaces to visit in Montebello
Montebello Municipal Golf Course

This 18-hole championship course offers a variety of challenges including many lakes and bunkers to keep your game engaging and interesting. You can practice on the driving range before hitting the course. Lessons are also available.

Website:Montebello Municipal Golf Course
Phone:+1 323-887-4565
Hours:6am–6pm (Daily)

Montebello City Park #3

Montebello City Park offers the perfect spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or an opportunity to get in some exercise.

PLaces to visit in Montebello
Montebello City Park

There are many playgrounds on-site, an outdoor swimmingpool, tennis courts, and an Amphitheatre.”

Website:Montebello City Park
Phone:+1 323-887-4540
Hours:6am–10pm (Daily)

The Golden Skewer #4

Montebello’s Golden Skewer is a renowned Mediterranean restaurant. The main menu is Mediterranean, but there is a strong emphasis on Armenian cuisine.

PLaces to visit in Montebello
The Golden Skewer

“This family-friendly eatery will serve you a variety of homemade, delicious options. There are many options for appetizers, kebabs and soups as well as main courses like baby back ribs or broiled sturgeon.”

Website:The Golden Skewer
Phone:+1 323-727-2952
Hours:11am–7:30pm (Tue – Sun)

Montebello Barnyard Zoo #5

Montebello Barnyard Zoo

Montebello Barnyard Zoo makes a great family outing. The petting zoo is a great place for children to meet and pet the farm animals. The farm is home to many animals, including chickens, goats, and rabbits.

Website:The Golden Skewer
Phone:+1 213-718-5442
Hours:10am–4pm (Tue – Sun)

Grant Rea Park Recreation Building #6

The program provides child care, recreational programs, and services for older adults in the City of Montebello.

Grant Rea Park Recreation Building
Website:Grant Rea Park Recreation Building
Phone:(323) 887-4591
Hours:Open 24 hours

Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument #7

Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument

“The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument is also known as Montebello Genocide Memorial. It is located in Montebello, California, in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. It is dedicated to victims of the Armenian genocide in 1915.”

Website:Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument
Phone:+1 323-887-4565
Hours:Open 24 hours

FAQ: Places to visit in Montebello

What is Montebello CA famous for?

Originally an agricultural community, the city was known for its prolific production of flowers, berries, fruits, and vegetables. The first public flower show in 1912 was sponsored by the Montebello Women’s Club and held in the Montebello High School auditorium on Whittier Boulevard.

How many Armenians live in Montebello?

L.A. county, as you know, is home to over 150,000 Armenians that live here in this great county, and many of them started their careers right here in Montebello, Pico Rivera in the San Gabriel Valley.” Many Armenians gathered to witness these calls for action by their elected officials.

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