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Monroe Township : Best Places to visit in Monroe Township, NJ

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Monroe, Louisiana’s small city, was named for President James Monroe. Ft. Miro was the first name of the town. This military post was located in the region. The area was later renamed Monroe. Many cultural attractions are found in the city, such as the Monroe Symphony Orchestra or Flying Tiger Brewery. Local restaurants are also available for visitors. Monroe is also known for its delicious cuisine. You can try Louisianan cuisine at many of the local restaurants.

Monroe’s declaration included the Western Hemisphere in its list of threats to U.S. security, along with the American continents. The doctrine called for separate spheres in Europe of influence and non-intervention in European affairs. This policy was based upon earlier American diplomatic ideals. The United States hadn’t acted to stop the British occupying Argentina or the Falkland Islands. It did not take any action when France and Britain imposed a naval blockade on Argentina in 1845.

Monroe, a city in southeast Michigan is home to many museums. The Army Air Corps ran a school for navigation during World War II. Lieutenant Augustus James Selman, a Monroe native, was killed in action in the line-of-duty in 1921. Monroe’s rich history dates back to steamboat era, and the Ouachita river. The town is known for its classic architecture, historic U.S.80, peaceful neighborhoods along Bayou Desiard and many museums.

Thompson Park #1

Thompson Park

Thompson Park is a park covering 675 acres and a nature reserve covering 925 acres. The park’s entire perimeter is connected to Monroe Township High School’s sports fields.

It is located in Monroe Township and Jamesburg, Middlesex County, New Jersey. It is the largest park within the Middlesex County Park System and has Lake Manalapan as its central feature.

Website:Thompson Park
Phone:+1 732-745-3900

Dock’s Corner Tavern #2

 Places to visit in Monroe Township
Dock’s Corner Tavern

The Docks Corner Tavern is known for its great bar games and delicious cocktails. It also offers mouthwatering menu options in a relaxed and friendly setting. It has a vintage feel with its low wooden ceiling, dim lighting, stone fireplace and vintage decors.

Website:Dock’s Corner Tavern
Phone:+1 732-521-4130

Veterans Park – Spray Ground #3

This park is located on the River Raisin Heritage Trail and has many picnic areas, shade trees, war memorials and swings. There are also restrooms, picnic shelters, shore access and small parking lots. The park has a path that can be accessed for walking or biking.

Website:Veterans Park – Spray Ground
Phone:+1 732-521-5016

Thompson Park: Disc Golf Course #4

 Places to visit in Monroe Township
Disc Golf Course

The 18-hole championship course at Thompson Park Disc Golf Course was built by David Wolverton (Eagle Scout Candidate). It attracts many people who are interested in disc golfing. Two tees are available on each hole: one for beginners and one for seasoned players.

Website:Veterans Park – Spray Ground
Phone:+1 732-521-5016

Applegarth Golf Center #5

Applegarth Golf Center

Are you looking forward to a day of fun golf with your family and friends? With its amazing amenities, the Applegarth Golf Center would be a great choice. The practice area offers 42 hitting stations, including six covered stalls, putting holes and practice sand buners.

Website:Applegarth Golf Center
Phone:+1 609-655-3311

Flying Tiger Brewery #6

 Places to visit in Monroe Township
Flying Tiger Brewery

We are glad you came to Flying Tiger Brewery ! Louisiana’s favourite local craft brewery, since 2016, and home to the iconic Final Resting Place DIPA (and Jucee Pale Ale).

Website:Flying Tiger Brewery
Phone:+1 318-547-1738

Forsgate Country Club #7

Forsgate Country Club
Forsgate Country Club

Forsgate Country Club, a country club in Monroe Township, New Jersey is located. Two 18-hole golf courses are offered by the club. The historic clubhouse has two dining options, a tennis court, and a pool and fitness room.

Website:Liberty State Park
Phone:+1 201-915-3403

FAQs: Places To Visit in Monroe, New Jersey

What companies are located in Monroe Township NJ

It can be difficult to find the best companies in Monroe Township. These are some companies that you might be interested in. Cooper Electric is the largest employer in Monroe Township, according to the Monroe Township Economic Development Department. Cooper Electric provides residential and commercial electrical services and products. It also has a 24 hour emergency response system. Cooper Electric is the right company to contact if you are looking for an electrician.

Who designed Forsgate Country Club?

Charles Banks

Forsgate Country Club

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