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Maywood: Best 6 Places to visit in Maywood, CA

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Although Maywood is not as well-known as other American cities, don't let this fool you. Maywood, a beautiful and upcoming tourist spot, is well worth the visit. This hidden gem offers many unique activities and places to explore.

It is possible to plan a short side trip from Long Beach or Los Angeles. It is possible to return to Maywood to relax and take a break.

Maywood is a small Gateway city in Los Angeles County. At 1.18 square miles, Maywood is the third-smallest incorporated city in Los Angeles County. It is bordered by the cities of Bell on the south, Vernon on the north and west, Huntington Park on the southwest, and Commerce on the east.

Best Time to visit Maywood

June, May and October are the most pleasant months in Maywood, while January and February are the least comfortable months.

Average Temperature Maywood

The warm season lasts 3.0 months and is from July 3 through October 2. It has an average daily temperature of 81 degrees F. August is Maywood’s hottest month. It has an average high temperature of 83degF, and a low of of 66degF.

The cool season lasts 3.9 months and is between November 27th and March 24th. It has a daily average temperature of below 70 degrees F. December is Maywood’s coldest month. It has an average temperature of 48degF while 68degF.

Places to visit in Maywood

Keep reading if you are planning to visit the United States but aren't sure if Maywood should be on your itinerary. We have compiled a list of things to do around Maywood. It is our belief that you will be delighted to include this city in any travel plans.

Pixley Park #1

Pixley Park

Pixley Park is a combination of science and play. It aims to encourage curiosity and the ability to solve puzzles in children. It is accessible by everyone and offers a variety of facilities. All of the facilities are maintained well and offer great quality.

You will find exciting structures such as slides, bridges, swings, and tunn in the activity center.

Website:Pixley Park
Hours:8am–8pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 323-562-5020

Maywood Riverfront Park #2

Places to visit in Maywood
Maywood Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is an amazing park near the Los Angeles River. The park has a small grassy area where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views of the river. It is a popular spot for outdoor recreation and boasts a playground, handball court, soccer court and handball court.”

Website:Maywood Riverfront Park
Hours:8am–8pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 323-562-5020

Maywood Cesar Chavez Library #3

Places to visit in Maywood
Maywood Cesar Chavez Library

"It provides free access to public resources, including music, books, multimedia, computer and internet access, as well as educational and recreational services for 3.4 million residents in 3,000 miles."

Website:Maywood Cesar Chavez Library
Hours:Fri- 10am–6pm
Phone:+1 323-771-8600

First Baptist Church Of Maywood #4

First Baptist Church Of Maywood

Many churches offer similar music styles, including contemporary and traditional hymns, praise and worship, and praise and prayer. Other programs include youth group, youth service, missions, and children’s ministry.

Website:First Baptist Church Of Maywood
Hours:Fri- 11am–4:30am
Saturday – Closed
Phone:+1 323-585-1428

St Rose of Lima Church #5

The first pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish, Father William Power, was installed in 1922. In 1926, Father John Dignam became pastor.”

He was the one who built the St. Rose of Lima Auditorium and School in 1930. In 1937, the church grew rapidly and an addition to the school made it even more impressive.

Website:St Rose of Lima Church
Phone:+1 323-560-2381

Maywood City Hall #6

Maywood City Hall

Maywood is a Gateway city in Los Angeles County. Maywood, which covers 1.18 miles, is the third-smallest incorporated community in Los Angeles County.

FAQ: Places to visit in Maywood

What is Maywood CA famous for?

In the early 1950s, Maywood Park became the home of the Golden State Baseball Association. Now, more than 80 years since incorporation, Maywood retains its small atmosphere, though surrounded by a massive metropolis.

Who is the mayor of Maywood California?

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