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Manchester: 8 Amazing Places To Visit In Manchester, New Hampshire

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Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Manchester New Hampshire

Founded along the Merrimack River, Manchester New Hampshire is a cultural center and home to several museums. A former mill town, Manchester has many historic buildings still standing. The city is also home to a number of lakes and rivers.

In addition to the art and culture found in the city, Manchester is also a great destination for outdoor activities. You can hike, kayak, bike or ski. The 640-acre Manchester Cedar Swamp, a nature area, has a variety of flora and fauna.

The city is also home to the Currier Museum of Art, a gem of a place. The museum has a collection of more than 11,000 works of art, including works by famous artists such as Matisse and Picasso. It also has special events throughout the year.

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Victory Park #1

Located at 105 Chestnut Street in Manchester New Hampshire, Victory Park is dedicated to local military veterans. The park is a large circular brick plaza that surrounds the Victory Monument.

Victory Park is one of Manchester’s most important open spaces. The area was originally known as Concord Square or Common until the end of the First World War. In 1928, the ground for the memorial was broken.

Places To Visit In Manchester
91-139 Concord St, Manchester, NH 03101, USA

The park was redeveloped in 1988. The original main entrance is now set back from the street by a circular drive. The former loading dock area has been converted into a new main entrance, and extensive plantings have been added.

Palace Theatre #2

Located at 80 Hanover Street in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Palace Theatre is a historic stage performance venue. The theatre is owned by the Palace Theatres Trust, a non-profit performing arts organization.

The theater was originally built in 1915 as a vaudeville house with a capacity of 1,000. The venue was designed by Leon Lempert, Jr., and was the first fireproof building in New Hampshire. In 1930, the theatre became a movie house.

80 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03101, USA

The theatre has two main sections. The first is the lobby and auditorium, while the second is the stage. The theater building has a two-story brick and stone structure. It has a proscenium arch and an ornate balcony.

The Currier Museum of Art #3

Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Currier Museum of Art is a popular destination for art enthusiasts. The museum boasts thousands of works of art, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and decorative arts by famous and emerging artists.

The museum’s most prominent pieces include works by Matisse and Picasso. The museum also features works by New Hampshire artists. In addition, the museum is home to an Artist-in-Residence program. During the summer, the museum offers art camps for kids and family-friendly events.

150 Ash St, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

The museum has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was originally known as the Currier Gallery of Art, but the name was changed in 2008. It was founded by former governor of New Hampshire Moody Currier and his wife Hannah.

Northeast Delta Dental Stadium #4

Located in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, Northeast Delta Dental Stadium is the home of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats Minor League Baseball team. The stadium is built along the Merrimack River and offers a variety of events to fans throughout the year.

The stadium is a popular destination for local sports and concert fans. A major renovation in 2017 added a new entrance plaza, a tiki bar, and a stage for live music. In fact, the Eastern League All-Star Game was held there twice in the past three years.

1 Line Dr, Manchester, NH 03101, USA

The stadium also hosts local AA-affiliate Toronto Blue Jays games. The stadium is also home to the Sam Adams Brewhouse, a full-service bar that is open to the public during and before Fisher Cats games.

Zimmerman House #5

Located in northern Manchester, New Hampshire, the Zimmerman House is a one-story structure with a floating concrete slab. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in the 1950s. It features a central L-shaped chimney. It also has a garden room.

The Zimmermans are a family that had a keen eye for design. They were open to new ideas and aspired to live in a modern house. In the post-World War II era, they saw the beauty of modern architecture.

150 Ash St, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

The Zimmermans purchased a three-quarter-acre lot in the north end of Manchester. Their architect suggested that they commission Wright to design a home. The couple agreed to the proposal and moved into the newly-built home in 1950.

Massabesic Lake #6

Located in southern New Hampshire, Massabesic Lake is a 2,560-acre lake that serves as a drinking water supply for Manchester. It is also used for kayaking and fishing. There are three public launch sites on the lake.

The lake was created by glacial gouges, which dropped boulders onto the surface of the lake. Today, Lake Massabesic is an important water supply for two cities, Manchester and Auburn. It is divided by the Deer Neck Bridge on Londonderry Turnpike.

16 Londonderry Tpke, Hooksett, NH

The town of Auburn was incorporated in 1845, and it has been known as a thriving mill town. The river and streams lined the town’s sides, and saw-, grist-, tool-, and fulling-mills supplied commodities to the towns of Manchester and beyond.

Firefly American Bistro & Bar #7

Located in Manchester’s bustling downtown district, Firefly American Bistro & Bar is a cozy, upscale restaurant and bar. It’s the perfect place for a date or a movie night. This casually elegant American bistro serves a wide variety of food, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and cocktails.

The menu includes classic American fare with an interesting twist. You’ll find dishes such as pilaf and asparagus, but you’ll also find some international flavors as well. The bar offers an array of craft beers and creative cocktails.

22 Concord St, Manchester, NH 03101, USA

The interior features a high-back bar with exposed brick, soft lighting and comfortable seating. Ample parking makes it easy to visit this Manchester NH restaurant. You can enjoy a wide range of cocktails, beer, and wine, as well as sandwiches, salads, and even gluten-free dishes.

Saint Joseph Cathedral #8

Located in the downtown district, Saint Joseph Cathedral Manchester New Hampshire is a popular attraction with locals and tourists alike. The building was built in 1869 to serve the spiritual needs of the Irish immigrants living in the area.

The cathedral was designed by Patrick C. Keely, a self-taught architect from Montreal who also served as a priest. He designed 26 cathedrals throughout the United States during his career.

145 Lowell St, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

The church’s centerpiece is the Stations of the Cross. Each Station is carved in bas relief and weighs more than 300 pounds. They are displayed in heavy wooden frames. The ceiling of the apse is adorned with gothic ribs accentuated with gold and blue.

FAQs:Manchester, New Hampshire

Is Manchester New Hampshire a Nice Place to Live?

Originally, Manchester was a mill town. Many of the original brick mill buildings are still standing. These mills were built along the Merrimack and Connecticut rivers. The city of Manchester is also home to a number of great museums. These are a great way to spend a day.

What is New Hampshire Manchester known for?

Located in the heart of New England, Manchester is a city that offers plenty of places to explore. The city is a great destination for art and culture enthusiasts. It is also a perfect location for sports and recreational activities.

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