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Long Beach: Best 8 Places to visit in Long Beach, CA

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Long Beach, located approximately 20 miles south from Los Angeles, is an ocean-facing community in Los Angeles County. The ocean is its main attraction, and there are approximately 5.5 miles of it. The entire length of the shoreline pedestrian bike path connects its various beaches and points-of-interest.

Downtown Waterfront District is the culmination of Long Beach’s ocean experience. You will find authentic experiences in Southern California at places like the Aquarium of the Pacific or Rainbow Harbor. Nearby, Queen Mary, an ocean liner, enjoys retirement in Queensway Bay. Here, those seeking something different can jump onboard and experience the history.

Long Beach is not just about sailing adventures. The salty smell of saltwater is still present. You can also enjoy the beautiful city’s stunning weather by visiting the extensive regional parks, Japanese gardens, and the inland central district. These areas are full of community spirit. The nearby Naples neighborhood is home to the Gondola Getaway. This operating one the largest fleets gondolas nationwide.

Best time to visit Long Beach

Between May and September is the best time to visit Long Beach. The weather is hot and summer tourists are absent. There is no bad time to visit Long Beach. Its mild climate makes it an excellent year-round destination.

Places to visit in Long Beach

Our list of top things you can do in Long Beach, California will bring you some Southern California sunshine.

Aquarium Of The Pacific #1

 Places to visit in Long Beach-
Aquarium Of The Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific offers a unique opportunity to see marine life. It’s located in Rainbow Harbor, on more than five acres. There are approximately 500 species that can be viewed. The Aquarium of the Pacific attracts more than 1.5 million people annually, with over 11,000 animals.

Staple exhibits are focused on the Pacific region and include items such as the June Keyes Penguin Habitat and Shark Lagoon, along with the Northern Pacific Gallery. To see sea otters and octopus as well as sea anemones, stop by Long Beach!

Website:Aquarium Of The Pacific
Phone:+1 562-590-3100
Hours 9am–8pm (Daily)

Junipero Cherry Beach #2

 Places to visit in Long Beach
Junipero Cherry Beach

Junipero Cherry Beach is also known as Junipero Beach and Long Beach City Beach. It's the best spot to reach the ocean. This stretch of sand is located below the Bluff Park, and Ocean Boulevard. The beach is wide enough to accommodate all kinds of activities.

Website:Junipero Cherry Beach

The Queen Mary #3

Queen Mary is a place where you can immerse yourself in the history of Long Beach. It is considered one of Long Beach’s most stunning attractions. The RMS Queen Mary, a British ocean liner once in motion, is now moored at Long Beach and available for many interactive purposes.

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a must-see Southern California attraction on any sunny Long Beach day.

Website:The Queen Mary
Phone:+1 877-342-0738
Hours Open 24 hours

Art Theatre Of Long Beach #4

 Places to visit in Long Beach
Art Theatre Of Long Beach

The Art Theatre of Long Beach is a unique place that combines culture and art. The space was once a busy theater during the 1920s. It has been preserved and renovated for future Long Beach generations. The Art Theatre is home to more than silent films from 1925.

Website:Art Theatre Of Long Beach
Phone:+1 562-438-5435

Cesar E. Chavez Park #5

The Cesar E. Chavez Park offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and wide open spaces that are flooded with sunshine, easy recreation, or ocean breezes. This is your chance for you to live life to your advantage!

Cesar E. Chavez Park

This park space is located north of Berkeley marina and has been a popular spot for local park-goers and tourists alike. People who visit park grounds are attracted to the more than 90 acres of greenery, sunshine and right by the water’s edge. Picnic facilities are available, as well as a playground for children younger than 5. You will also find a basketball court and weight room. There are also public toilets and a community centre.

Website:Cesar E. Chavez Park
Phone:+1 562-570-8890
Hours 9am–7pm (Mon- Fri)
Sat- Sun (Closed)

Rosie’s Dog Beach #6

Rosie’s Dog Beach forms part of the stretch of sand along the city’s southern boundary. It is located beyond the Belmont Pier and is one of the most easterly beaches. It’s just like the entire city’s shoreline. It’s a beautiful ocean scene. However, its off-leash status makes it even more popular.

 Places to visit in Long Beach
Rosie’s Dog Beach

"Rosie's Dog Beach doesn't have a fence like a traditional dog park. All users must be able to speak with their pets. Visitors are asked to bring their own bags. However, some are available at the beach. There is a fee for parking."

Website:Rosie’s Dog Beach
Phone:+1 562-570-3100
Hours 6am–8pm (Daily)

Shoreline Village #7

 Places to visit in Long Beach
Shoreline Village

The Shoreline Village is easy to miss – its red roofs and white wood are a sure sign! The Shoreline Village has a variety of attractions that will delight, whether you’re looking for a place to eat out, shop, or a social hub after the sun goes down. The Shoreline Village is a Long Beach experience that you should not miss, even if only for a stroll around the grounds.

Website:Shoreline Village
Phone:+1 562-435-2668
Hours 10am–9pm (Daily)

Museum Of Latin American Art #8

Museum Of Latin American Art

Allow some time to enjoy Long Beach’s culture. The Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach’s premier site for Latin American art and culture, has been around since 1996. The museum features well-organized, interactive displays and exhibits that are professionally arranged and set in an educational environment.

Website:Museum Of Latin American Art
Phone:+1 562-437-1689
Hours Wed – Sun (11am – 5pm)

FAQ: Places to visit in Long Beach

What is Long Beach California known for?

The city is known for its waterfront attractions, including the permanently docked RMS Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Long Beach also hosts the Grand Prix of Long Beach, an IndyCar race and the Long Beach Pride Festival and Parade.

Is Long Beach the same as Los Angeles?

Long Beach is centrally located in the heart of Southern California. Long Beach is approximately 25 miles south of the city of Los Angeles, on the Pacific Ocean.

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