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Kinston: 7 Best Places To Visit In Kinston, North Carolina

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Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Kinston North Carolina

A 12-foot tall and 23-foot wide glass sculpture depicts Kinston’s most famous musicians. A series of colorful tile mosaics also decorate the park. The sculptures were created by students and are on display for visitors to enjoy.

The city has a population of about 20,659 people. The median home price in Kinston is $100,200. The poverty rate in Kinston is 25.7%, higher than the average in American cities.

The city’s population is composed of a mix of people from various walks of life. The median age is 45, and the average family size is 2.9. The racial makeup of the city is relatively homogeneous.

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CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center #1

The CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center is a great place for visitors to learn about the Civil War. The exhibit covers the ship’s history, local battles, and the impact of the war on the area.

CSS Neuse was opened in 1964 at 2612 W. Vernon Avenue, and it’s free to visit on the first Saturday of May for the BBQ Fest or the day of the Kinston Christmas parade. The museum is also a great place for special events.

Places To Visit In Kinston
100 N Queen St, Kinston, NC 28501, United States

The CSS Neuse II, a replica of the ship, is another great destination. It is open on weekends, and you can tour it on a tour with a group. There are several fine restaurants in the area, including Vivian Howard’s Café and King’s Restaurant.

Mother Earth Brewing #2

Mother Earth Brewing is a Green-conscious craft brewery in Kinston, North Carolina. It is home to a solar-powered taproom and has tours available for those interested in learning more about their beer. It also offers a drinks-only beer garden.

Mother Earth Brewing focuses on local products. The brewery’s website features the latest releases and highlights recent award winners. It also has a comprehensive beer lineup, with beer categories organized by style and type.

311 N Herritage St, Kinston, NC 28501, United States

The original brewery was opened in 2009, and it has since expanded to several locations. In October 2009, the brewery began bottling its beer. Today, it is available at restaurants, specialty stores, and bars throughout North Carolina, Georgia, and Washington, DC.

Grainger Stadium #3

Grainger Stadium is an old baseball stadium in Kinston, North Carolina. It is the ninth oldest ballpark in the Minor Leagues and is the home of the Low-A Down East Wood Ducks. However, it lacks many of the amenities of a new ballpark.

The Grainger Stadium is home to several baseball tournaments and events. In 1979, it hosted the USSSA World Series of slow-pitch softball. The stadium hosted a wedding ceremony in 1979 for two devoted fans.

 400 E Grainger Ave, Kinston, NC 28501, United States

Kinston is a small town in eastern North Carolina. The city has a rich history that dates back to 1791. One of the city’s attractions is the CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretation Center. The ship was one of the Confederate navy’s 26 ironclad ships.

Harmony Hall #4

Harmony Hall Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a nursing facility that offers a variety of therapeutic care services and therapies. The nursing center is conveniently located near local retail stores, restaurants, churches, and other amenities.

The historic Harmony Hall is the oldest residence in Lenoir County, dating back to 1772. Once the residence of Governor Richard Caswell, this historic house features a grand reception room known as the Great Room.

109 E. King St. KinstonNC 28501.

Harmony Hall Kinston North Carolina is the only house of historical significance that still stands in Kinston, North Carolina. Built in 1772, it has been the home of several prominent historical figures, including the state’s first elected governor.

Lions Water Adventure #5

The Lions Water Adventure is a family amusement park that features 3 slides, a lazy river, and a kiddie pool. The park also has an eatery. It is located on the beach in Kinston, North Carolina. It is an excellent place to spend a sunny day.

The Water Adventure has been one of the most popular attractions in Kinston, North Carolina, for the past five years. It opened in May 2013 next to the Woodmen Center and is a popular destination for families with children.

2602 W Vernon Ave, Kinston, NC 28504, United States

The park’s staff has taken great pains to make the water park as safe as possible. This includes cleaning the rides and life jackets every time they are used. Guests should check the weather before going on the rides, as rain can delay the day or even close the park.

Kinston Music Park #6

Kinston’s historic music history is alive and well in Kinston Music Park. In addition to its historical significance, this park offers interactive exhibits and beautiful sculptures. You can learn about the local African American musical community.

Kinston is a musical hotbed, and the African American musical heritage of the city can be celebrated in this park. It’s located in the historic Sugar Hill district, once home to many African American music clubs.

Kinston, NC 28501, United States

The park also includes a large sculpture and benches with quotes from area musicians. You can even attend seasonal outdoor concerts in this park.

King’s Restaurant #7

If you are looking for a little southern comfort food, Kinston is the place to go. The town is home to several acclaimed restaurants and breweries, as well as a fascinating Civil War battle site.

A few years ago, the town was still struggling to survive. However, that didn’t stop local businesses from thriving. Governor Roy Cooper ordered the closing of businesses he considered non-essential.

 405 E New Bern Rd, KinstonNC 28504. 

In the early twentieth century, the town became a major tobacco trading center. Its warehouses sold five million pounds of tobacco every year. The city also hosted a minor league baseball team.

FAQs: Kinston, North Carolina

What is Kinston known for?

The city of Kinston is home to the CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center, an educational museum dedicated to the Civil War. The museum tells the story of one of the last remaining ironclad ships used by the Confederate navy. At 158 feet long and 34 feet wide, this ship was a powerful weapon during the Civil War. The museum features interactive exhibits and tells the story of the Civil War in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Is Kinston NC A Good Place To Live?

If you’re looking for a good place to live, Kinston is a good choice. This city has several neighborhoods that offer a variety of housing options. Many residents enjoy living in the quiet and scenic Westwood neighborhood, which offers many advantages. The neighborhood is also safe, with a high safety rating. It is popular with retirees, as it offers an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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