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Hawaiian Gardens:- Best Sights of Hawaiian Gardens, CA

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It was named after a 1920s refreshment station that featured palm fronds, bamboo and other unusual decorations. It was once the main landmark of the rural area. The name stuck because of its unique appearance as the city grew around it. More than $9.2 Million (65%) of the city’s revenue comes directly from the Hawaiian Gardens Casino.

A fruit stand with palms opened in 1927 at the corner of two dirt roads in Carson, Norwalk and Hawaiian Gardens. The name Hawaiian Gardens was thus born. The area was a refuge for people to buy or build a home during the Great Depression.[clarification needed] Many homes lacked basic modern conveniences.

Only Norwalk Boulevard was a paved road in the 1920s. The little town was all dirt roads for 35 years. The paving of roads was started immediately after the incorporation of the city in 1964. All streets south of Carson, between Pioneer and Norwalk, were paved by 1966. All streets were paved by 1968. The three main thoroughfares of Carson, Pioneer, or Carson were also widened to meet current traffic standards.

The Gardens Casino

The Gardens Casino is a casino that offers card games in Hawaiian Gardens, California. The casino is a card-only establishment that was established in 1997. The first casino had a floor area of 59.900 square feet. In 2016, the casino received a $90million renovation that saw it expand to 200,000 square footage. The casino could lose its license in 2017 after it admitted that it did not follow federal anti money laundering laws. Keith Sharp, Gardens Casino’s general attorney, stated that managers have accepted responsibility and “have taken tremendous steps in improving their programs”.

The Gardens Casino
Phone:+1 562-860-5887

Bloomfield Park

Bloomfield Park, a 15-acre park is located near the corner at Centralia Avenue & Pioneer Boulevard. The park was originally an area owned by the county. In 1964, it was annexed.

Bloomfield Park received new playground equipment in 1999 and numerous improvements to its parks. In 2008, the facility underwent a major renovation and was equipped with the Teen Resource Center. 2012 saw completion of the renovated “Tot Lot”.

Phone:+1 562-865-1717

Clarkdale Park

Clarkdale Park

There are many board games, arts and crafts available and plenty of outdoor activities. Clarkdale Park features a skatepark, new playground equipment and a basketball court. Visit our calendar page to see the current calendar. We offer concerts, movies and summer excursions as well as holiday festivities.

Phone:+1 562-420-8576

St Peter Chanel Catholic Church

The tranquility of the beautiful church, with its white exterior and surrounding gardens is a great source of peace. Even the dimly lit interiors are peaceful. The catholic church was established in 1980. The church’s priests and pastors are very dedicated and enthusiastic.

St Peter Chanel Catholic Church
Phone:+1 562-924-7591

Hawaiian Gardens Library

LA County Library was founded in 1912 and is one the most innovative and largest library systems in America. It provides free access to public resources such as books, music and multimedia materials. This library serves 3.4 million people in an area of 3,000 miles. LA County Library is committed to reducing barriers to equity and increasing access to public services for all.

Hawaiian Gardens Library
Phone:+1 562-496-1212

Hawaiian Gardens City Hall

City or town hall in Hawaiian Gardens, California.

Hawaiian Gardens City Hall
Phone:+1 562-420-2641
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