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The best places to go on a summer hike in America’s Rockies

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Are you looking to get outdoors this summer? There are many scenic trails in the American Rockies that will make your summer unforgettable. We’ll be discussing the top summer hikes in the American Rockies that you can take over the next few months.

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Siyeh Pass, Montana

Are you a fan of alpine wildflowers and mountains? You should consider hiking Siyeh Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana if you are.

The trailhead is located off Going east Logan Pass. It’s surrounded by breathtaking high country scenery. After passing by a creek, you’ll reach a meadow filled with flowers that blooms every summer.

Are you concerned that your allergies could flare up during this section of the hike? You may need hay fever treatment. Make sure you have some with you and that you take them at the trailhead.

The view from the top is stunning, with many peaks that are often covered in snow.

It is important to remember that this hike will take you through Bear Country. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you bring along a container of bear spray as well as a strong bear horn for any summer hike in the American Rockies.

Idaho, Goldbug Hot Springs

While treks in the American Rockies are amazing, our bodies don’t like the punishment they receive from these long walks. This is why the Goldbug Hot Springs trail is so popular among those who know it.

The trailhead can be found in the mountains of Idaho. It is accessible by turning off Highway 93 at mile marker 282 and onto a dirt road.

It is an exhausting two-mile trek through desert, forest, and finally to an alpine location, where a wilderness HOT SPRING offers a million-dollar view of the valley below.

It is also fed by a waterfall. This place won’t be a secret long!

Bears Ears Trail, Wyoming

Wyoming is home to many mavericks. Make sure you take the time to hike Bear Ears Trail while you’re here. This trail begins among tranquil lakes and quickly climbs above the treeline, where it will require you to cross boulder fields.

After clearing this obstacle, however, you will eventually come upon a Tarn Lake (remains of a melted glacier without outlet), where wilderness camping can be permitted. The summit offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and is worth the sweat.

Democrat-Cameron-Lincoln Loop, Colorado

The American Rockies are the most popular image of the American Rockies. This state is home to many mountaineers at 14,000 feet or higher. It attracts many backcountry hikers who want to climb them.

The Democrat-Cameron-Lincoln Loop gives you the opportunity to mount four of them in one go. You can walk the ridgelines between Mount Democrat, Cameron and Lincoln in just seven miles.

The trail can be crowded on weekends so make sure you go during the week to enjoy the beauty.

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