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Personal Injury Case: Can Delaying Medical Treatment Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

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Personal Injury Case: When an accident or injury arises due to someone else’s negligence, you can hold the person accountable and get compensation for all your medical bills and losses. You can either pursue an out-of-court settlement with your Atlanta personal injury lawyer or let the court decide who was at fault. 

Right after sustaining an injury due to someone else’s carelessness, lawyers highly advise getting medical assistance on the same day even if there is no physical injury visible. This is because various injuries may reflect after a while and have an adverse effect on your health. 

Additionally, it can also affect your personal injury case. Dive into the next section to know-how! 

What happens when you delay your medical treatment?

After an accident or injury, there may be internal damage that would not be visible at first. However, the internal injury or issues may appear after a few days, weeks, or even months. While it can complicate your health, it can also have adverse effects on your personal injury case. 

For instance, if the victim got into an accident today and notices no physical injury or pain, they may believe they are fine. However, the victim may notice pains and other symptoms from their internal injury after a while. 

In such cases, it is difficult to prove that your injury resulted from an accident because you delayed your medical treatment. Additionally, you will have to gather evidence to confirm that your injury happened due to someone else’s carelessness. 

Furthermore, when filing for a personal injury claim, the insurance company will use your delayed treatment against you to prove that your injuries are not severe. Since you delayed the treatment, the company may assume you are faking your injuries to get compensation. 

Therefore, a diagnosis from your doctor on the same day of your accident can serve as evidence that you sustained the injury due to the accident and prove the severity of your injuries. 

What should you do if you delay medical treatment?

The first thing you need to do is get a diagnosis from your doctor and collect all the evidence proving your accident happened. Similarly, you can eliminate all the hassle by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who will help you understand the next step. The lawyer will ensure your claim does not get rejected, and you get the maximum compensation for your medical bills and losses due to the accident. 

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