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The Mysterious And Haunted Paradise Neelapani Lake in Nagaon, Assam

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So where is Neelapani Lake?

The beautiful Paradise/Neelapani lake is located at Kothalguri village in Nagaon district, Assam. The village has a population of around 300 people.

The lake has become a popular picnic spot and people from different places of North East India have started visiting this stunningly beautiful lake. 

Neelapani Lake

A place that was a hidden gem, with popularity and more people visiting, it  is slowly becoming famous as a death trap or a haunted lake.

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Why is it becoming a Death Trap or is it Haunted ?

Well, if folklores are to be believed, there are some interesting stories behind the death of number of youth in this lake. One story says- there are some mysterious or supernatural power beneath the water. Someone while swimming goes in the deep water, the person is dragged inside the water and without oxygen the person ultimately meets death.

As per the other story, there was a stone quarry amidst the mountains. The blasting and drilling process in the area gave birth to this beautiful lake. The government has issued orders to stop the operation of the quarry and gradually it turned into a tourist spot. As because this lake was artificially created by the blasting process of the stones, it is believed that the water of Neelapani lake have some toxic chemicals in it. So it is better to refrain from swimming in this lake.

These stories are really scary and beat the shit out of you. But how truthful, I have my doubts and refrain from commenting.

I have no idea about the veracity of the stories, but the fact remains that many people have lost their lives in this lake, makes you feel, ” is there something paranormal here”. Well, we won’t delve into finding the truth of these stories.

Many young boys have lost their lives while swimming in this lake. So, the idea behind this blog is to create caution and awareness amongst travellers. Travel safe, respect nature, it is sometimes better not to be very adventurous, and of course not at the cost of one’s life.

Acts restricted in Paradise Lake vide a Govt. Order

Getting down/ jumping/ diving into the water is strictly prohibited

Swimming or any attempt to swim is prohibited

Consumption of alcohol/drugs around the lake is strictly prohibited by the district magistrate office.

It is always advisable to be responsible and follow travel advisory, while travelling to this lake.

Travel and Don’t Stop!

Photos contributed by Vidyut Das, Siddhartha Saikia and Rizvi Ullah.

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