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Most Popular Flowering Plants for Balcony

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Plants are like apple to our eyes. Looking at the lush green shades of plants gives us a different kind of soothing effect to our mind and soul. These days, the structure of our homes, crowded cities, and busy lifestyles may not allow us to have a big garden and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, we can still have some plants of our choice at our home and make a little garden of our own. Even if you live in a multistoried or sky-scrapper building, making a home garden is a must to have some time for the nature. Some people can’t even imagine their days without looking after their plants. A nature’s admirer can grow plants anywhere. Even the flowering plants can be grown with proper care and attention in a small balcony. Some of the flowering plants for home garden which are trending these days are listed below.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is one of the most planted flowering plants, especially found in tropical countries, including India. It is used for its medicinal benefits as well as its beautiful flowers are used for religious purposes. This plant requires sunlight and timely watering. It is known to be a very good air purifier which can eliminate pollutants from the air. Buy red, orange, peach, white or pink hibiscus from a nursery nearby your area or online. You can keep it in your home garden, in balcony or just outside a door or window where it gets plenty of direct sunlight. Buy this beautiful flowering plant and let your days be blossomed with fresh air.

Rose: Roses are everyone’s favourite. This plant comes in many shades starting from white, pink, maroon, red, and orange. You can buy this plant from a nearby nursery and grow it in your home garden. Looking at a flowering rose plant is enough for a great start to the day. Its fragrance and beauty are just incomparable. Rose plants need some care and attention with timely watering. You can also use organic fertilizers for better growth and flowering. 

Jasmine: This is popular for its soulful fragrance. Jasmines are also used in perfumeries. Keep a jasmine plant at your balcony or home garden, and you are sure to see the sweet smelling flowers every day. This plant also needs sunlight and regular watering. 

Bougainville: The beauty of Bougainville is known to everyone. It is popular among nature admirers for its colorful display. The look of your home would completely change and enhance with a single plant of Bougainville. If you are looking for a plant that gives flowers for the whole year, then this is the plant you must buy and grow and home. It grows as a vine or ground cover. It requires water, but in a moderate amount. 

Dahlia: For giving your garden a colorful gorgeous view, you can surely opt to buy Dahlia. They come in many beautiful shades and the flowering starts from midsummer and lasts till autumn end. This is a time when most of the other flowers are past their flowering stage.  

Peace Lily: Peace Lily is one of the best buys for home garden and indoor plants. The flowering patterns depend on the atmospheric conditions. However, it starts in the summer. This plant needs moisture and indirect or direct sunlight, with which it blooms throughout the year. The flowers are white or off white in colour. 

Marigold: Marigold is found in almost all the homes in India and many other tropical countries. From religious purpose to the garden decorator, this bright and vibrant colorful flowering plant is a must for gardens if you love flowers. 

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