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6 Most Beautiful Lakes In Switzerland You Must Visit

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Tourist Attractions : 6 Most Beautiful Lakes In Switzerland You Must Visit

Switzerland is known for its beautiful geography. Located between the Alps, the Jura Mountains and the Swiss Plateau, its a small country which covers only 41,285 km2.

The country is bounded by four rivers: the Rhine, Inn and Ticino. There are many lakes along these rivers. Many of these lakes are located high up in the mountains, are shared with neighboring countries and are some of the largest in Western Europe. 

Lake in Switzerland

With their stunning clear blue waters and mountainous surroundings, many of these lakes are breathtaking. 

One of the best things to do in Switzerland is to visit some of these beautiful lakes. These lakes are great for relaxing and admiring nature.

This is our list with some of the top 7 lakes in Switzerland.

Lake Schwarzsee; Fribourg # 1

Schwarzsee is a popular summer spot, with swimming, rowing and fishing, as well as hiking. Because of its dark appearance due to the shadows cast by the Eastern Freiburg Pre-Alps, Schwarzsee is also called Lac Noir or Black Lake.

Because of its proximity to alpine valleys, glaciers, and vacation resort, the lake is a very popular destination. Families come to the lake for skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding.

Lake Schwarzsee; Fribourg

There is a 4-kilometre loop around the lake. There are also 200-kilometres of trails in the surrounding area. The small lake is actually completely surrounded by mountain peaks.

This lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Lake Brienz, Berne # 2

The picturesque lake is famous for its stunning views of the Faulhorn and Schwarzhoren, which tower more than 2,000 metres above it. Lake Brienz is located in the Burnese Alps, at 564 meters above sea-level. 

Lake Brienz is a romantic place to vacation in Switzerland. Its stunning colour and surrounding mountains, waterfalls, and cliffs make it one of the most beautiful places.

Lake Brienz, Berne

A hop-on, hop-off boat can be used to traverse the lake’s 28.9 kilometers. It stops at each village. You can also take a cruise around the lake on a steamer that has been renovated, including fondue cruises, breakfast cruises, and BBQ cruises.

Lake Geneva and the Bains des Pâquis # 3

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe. This great lake has one shore in Switzerland, and one in France. It offers breathtaking views of the Alps as well as plenty of activities for everyone. 

If you’re looking for a refreshing dip, Les Bains des Paquis is the place to go. This man-made peninsula extends out into the lake. It is breathtaking to see the harbour and Lake Geneva from this location.

Lake Geneva and the Bains des Pâquis

Lake Geneva can be reached easily by train from most major cities in Switzerland. International travellers will find it takes less than 3 hours to travel from Paris, France to Geneva by a high-speed Lyria train. You’ll be right in the city’s heart.

This lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Lake Zug # 4

The three cantons that make up Lake Zug are Lucerne, Zug, and Schwyz. Schwyz is the home of the Swiss knife. Zug is a must-see destination. To reach the beach beyond the port, you can stroll along the quays.

Lake Zug

It takes just 24m to travel from Lucerne in Switzerland to Zug via train. You can enjoy stunning views of Lake Zug in just 24m.

Lake Murten # 5

Lake Murten also known as Lake Morat. You can find Neuchatel on the left bank. It is about 20km from Yverdon-les-Bains. You can take the SBB train, which takes approximately 50m, to reach Murten, a medieval city located on the shores the the same-named lake.

Lake Murten

You can relax in the tranquil waters of the small Swiss lake or take a stroll around the charming city. Or you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Three Lakes region.

Walensee; St. Gallen & Glarus # 6

Walensee offers spectacular views of the Murtschenstock massif that overlooks it. Walensee, also known as Lake Walen is one of the country’s largest lakes.

It lies at the western tip of the Swiss holiday area known as Heidiland. On the south side of the lake are the villages and towns, while the Churfirsten mountain range is on the northern side.

Walensee; St. Gallen & Glarus

Quinten, a historic settlement on the northern side of Lake Ontario, is the only one that can be reached by foot or boat. You can find the Flumserberg resort just minutes from Walensee. It offers skiing in winter and hiking, biking, and climbing during the summer.

This lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

FAQs About Lakes in Switzerland

What is the most beautiful lake in Switzerland?

Lake Lucerne, Lake Brienz, Lake Lugano, Lake Thun

How many lakes does Switzerland have?

There are over 1500 lakes in Switzerland, which makes the country an absolute paradise for water lovers.

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