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Malibu :- Hiking in Solstice Canyon

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Solstice Canyon is a popular trail in Malibu. This is a great hike that’s one of the most popular in the Los Angeles area. It also has a cool waterfall at the end.

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Quick Facts

DISTANCE: 2.6 miles (return)

TIME 1 hour




Malibu is a wonderful place to live. It feels so far from the city, but it’s still so close. Particularly when you go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.

We recommend the Solstice Canyon Trail as a fun activity in Malibu. You will not only see the Pacific Ocean from this waterfall, but also have incredible views.

Hiking the Solstice Canyon Trail in Malibu

Hiking Solstice Canyon

The Solstice Canyon Trail, a 2.4-mile round trip on a paved path, leads to several ruins before reaching Tropical Terrace by a 30-foot waterfall.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can take a dip under the waterfall in the small rock pool. You could even do this trail in flip-flops!

The pool can hold approximately four people, as you can see in the photo.

Although we were skeptical that there would be a waterfall in Southern California’s early summer, it was there! It was shockingly cold! !

To get into the pool, you will need to climb over a fence and pick up a few stones.

Tropical Terrace

You will find ruins of the historic Roberts Ranch House along the trail, including several fireplaces and walls.

The ruins are surrounded with tall palm trees hence, the name Tropical Terrace.

Although the National Park Service protects the ruins, some walls have been graffitied on.

Tropical Terrace on the Solstice Canyon trail

The trail is shaded by Oak, Sycamore and Alder trees. In Spring bright yellow flowers bloom in the chaparral.

Hiking Rising Sun Trail

You can do more work if you continue on the paved trail, but make a left to take the Rising Sun Trail.

It may seem like you’re going in the opposite direction to the parking lot at first, but the trail winds up the side of a mountain before reaching the ocean.

To reach the top, you will need to climb a few steps up a steep hill but the view is well worth it.

You can also do the hike in reverse, but this allows you to take in the beautiful ocean views as you walk towards it. On a hot summer day, it is a great idea to cool down in the rock pool before you continue your hike. This will ensure that you are dry when you return to your car.

History of The Roberts Ranch House

The Roberts Ranch House was designed by Paul Williams and built for Fred Roberts in 1952.

Fred was concerned about the high fire danger in the area and demanded that the architect design a fire protection system. Williams carefully planned a system that included pumps, pipes and water collecting pools to delay the inevitable.

Wildfires, which are common in this region, completely destroyed the house in 1982. Roberts, who died in 1976, did not see the dream home he had envisioned come to fruition.

How to Get To Solstice Canyon

From Los Angeles, take Pacific Coast Highway northbound. At Corral Canyon Road take a left (there’s a gas station at the corner). It’s less than half a mile to the parking lot for the trailhead.

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