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Immediate steps to take after a Lyft accident- Jersey city

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Lyft accident: Rapidly populating and developing, Jersey city now has more rideshare facilities than ever. And why not? They are much more convenient than taking out your vehicle in the road rage. People who don’t own vehicles can also benefit from Uber/Lyft cab services. The bad news is that there has been a surge in accidents since the popularity of these cab services.

Reach out to a Lyft accident lawyer in Jersey City and learn more about your rights if you encounter a mishap. Also, take these steps after you get injured in an accident.

Steps to take after a Lyft accident

Although moments after an accident are stressful, you can take some mindful steps that may help you in the long run.

  • Call 911: If you are stable enough, you should first call 911/police because their enforcement is valuable if you plan to file a lawsuit. The presence of the police is necessary; otherwise, the driver may try to blame you.
  • Check for injuries: Check for any injuries you may have or any other person involved in the accident got hurt to seek medical services.
  • Seek medical attention: Try to obtain medical attention immediately to avoid severe conditions like a traumatic brain injury. Even if you are not injured much, it is always a good idea to get examined by a medical practitioner. Getting medical care can also help you legally if your symptoms result from the accident.
  • Take photos and record important information on the accident scene: This is an important step. Click pictures of your injury, the accident scene, the license number of the vehicle, and other related information for evidence purposes. Take the contact number of the driver involved, and contact witnesses, if any. Also, make sure to take evidence to prove the time and location of the scene. The more information you can gather, the better it will be.
  • Report the accident: Contact your insurance company and the rideshare company to report the accident right away. Uber carries insurance liability towards the passenger, so it is better to contact them directly. To make a claim ensure that you have the police report with you.
  • Obtain a lawyer: Since rideshare companies are for-profit businesses, they are ultimately responsible for caring for themselves and their drivers following an accident. Seeking legal representation in a rideshare vehicle accident can ensure that a lawyer will adequately represent your well-being during the accident investigation, insurance claim, and other events that follow.
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