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Log Kya Kahenge? Clinical Depression During Covid-19

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Shivanshu is fat guy who eats good food and tells whole world about it.

Covid-19 Lockdown, is powerful tool against Corona virus. Thanks to our leaders, we are seeing less deaths and now cases are doubling only after 10 days. We are proud of the way they have handled this situation.

NomadLawyer has tried to push positivism into lives of its readers, through articles, but we had to share this one, immediately!

It’s rumored that Actor Sushant Singh Rajput was undergoing a therapy to counter his depression. Our heart reaches out to his family and Friends.

Unfortunately in our county, diseases like depression and bipolar disorder are not seen as a major health hazard.

There is a lack understanding of psychological disorders.

When I was undergoing a similar phase in my life, a very close friend of mine said, ‘Yeh sab kuch nahi hota, faltu ki batien hain bas’ (These thing are baseless and non-existent). I was amused to learn that he believed in ghosts and not in an actual medical disorders. How ironic!

Thought ignorant, he reassured me that I am fine, and not going crazy or being a lunatic. Back then, I wish I could show him through some kind of lens, that the things are not good and almost non-explainable.

Most of the people like us are facing some problems or the other. We sweep these things under the carpet. It could be our jobs, relationships and even family.

But since we are locked down, we have plenty of time to subconsciously lift that carpet up and see the things that we have been ignoring. Now, its all still there, and we have no more out worldly distractions.

Its time, we either fight our demons or surrender to them.

I was going through a news article online, and was shocked to learn that a 35 year old, Noida school teacher jumped from her apartment from 17th floor. According to police, she was suffering from depression due to lockdown. Don’t get me wrong here, lockdown was not the culprit. These tendencies stay in most people for very long time. Its only when we are less occupied, we fall back into these thoughts.

If I correctly recall, my doctor asked me these questions:

Have you been upset and thoughts appear in your mind in a loop?

Are thoughts are continuous for hours at stretch?

Are these thoughts not letting you sleep?

You see mood swings too often, happy for a moment and immediately followed by a sad thought?

Have you lost your appetite or binge eat, when you are sad?

Do you eat your food very quickly?

Take a pledge, if you or someone close is facing such issues, seek medical help immediately.

Seeking help is completely normal, and never think about whether people will judge you. Believe me, its our national past time, ‘Log kya kahenge? (What will people think of me). Don’t wait or think to much just, seek help.

Here is a quick google search that will help you get help online/over the phone at the convenience of your home.

Stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Note: I am not a medical professional and this is an account of my personal experience.

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