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Kasada Bromo: The History, Purpose, & Rituals

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Indonesia has very diverse tribes and cultures, one of which is Kasada Bromo from East Java. However, not many people know about this ceremony.

History of the Yadya Kasada Traditional Ceremony

This traditional Yadya Kasada is a ritual carried out by the Tengger people in East Java. This tradition has been held in the Majapahit Kingdom since the 13th century BC. The beginning of the history of this tradition occurred when Rara Anteng, the daughter of the King of Brawijaya, married a Kediri brahaman. Rara Anteng is pregnant with 25 children. 

Later on, one of their sons named Raden Kusuma disappeared, but his parents heard his son’s voice from the crater of Mount Bromo. To save their child finally, the husband and wife made sacrifices and offerings in the form of earth produce in order to always live in prosperity. Since then, the people of Tenggear have always carried out their traditions to this day.

The Purpose of the Yadya Kasada Bromo Ceremony

This ritual is held once a year when the full moon is not on Kasada or the tenth month of the Javanese calendar. According to the Tenggerese calendar, this ceremony is held every 12th month.

All residents will gather on a stretch of sand at the foot of Mount Bromo to perform a ritual in the form of giving offerings while praying. The goal is to pay homage to the ancestors, refuse reinforcements and calamities, and ask for a bountiful harvest.

Traditional Ceremonial Procession

Before the ceremony is held, the community will take the holy water at the foot of Mount Widodaren to prepare for nglukat. Attendance comes from all elements of society and the government. People bring their produce to be dumped into the Bromo crater.

Yadnya Ritual

The Yadnya ritual is carried out at Poten, a temple located at the foot of Mount Bromo, with several events. Then continue to the second Nglukat procession, this event also consists of several series, such as burning incense to splash water on the heads and faces of the people.

Kasada Bromo: History, Purpose, and Rituals

Prayer Ritual

After that, the residents began to pray (muspa), followed by reading the mantra led by the leaders. In this procession, a new shaman was appointed before entering the event’s core, namely Lelabuhan.

Lelabuhan Ritual

The offerings at the crater of Bromo are the core of the Kasada Bromo ceremony. People walk to Poten from Bromo crater while bringing offerings in the form of agricultural products or animal slaughter. Everyone accompanies the journey with their prayers.

Slametan Ritual

Then the ritual is ended by Slametan or salvation. It’s held in each village and led by a traditional shaman. The Kasada Bromo ceremony is a historical tradition that attracts many tourists.

Even the Indonesian government considers this ceremony as one of the best cultural events in Indonesia. The Kasada Bromo ceremony combines elements of Indonesian traditions with the exotic nature of Bromo into an attractive dish for both local and foreign tourists.

The Yadnya ritual at the foot of Mount Bromo is a time-honored tradition that is always interesting to explore, just like when you’re finding out What to do in sanur bali.


What is Kasada Bromo?

Yadnya Kasada (also known as Kesodo) is a traditional Hindu ritual performed by the Tenggerese, an ethnic group of the Javanese. This ritual is a way to express gratitude to their gods for blessing them with abundance, wealth, and welfare.
The sixty Tenggerese villages are located around the Tengger Mountains (Mount Bromo), in the Bromo Tengger National Park. It includes the regencies of Probolinggo and Lumajang as well as Malang, East Java.

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