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Junglaat & Jot Eco Stay – Laidback Stays in Naddi, Himachal Pradesh

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Places to stay in Naddi, Himachal Pradesh?

Junglaat & Jot Eco Stay is a laidback stay in Naddi, Dharamshala. There is something magical about Himachal Pradesh, which keeps drawing a traveller to this beautiful place. 

More than a destination, Himachal is an experience. Once visited, it cannot be forgotten. The steep valleys, low hanging clouds looming over the mountains, the good Pahari food, the warm and welcoming people, the magnificent Himalayas; it all stays with you. Himachal is a beautiful mix of popular colonial hill stations, unexplored offbeat destinations and spiritual getaways.

Himachal means different things to different people. For a trekker, Himachal is all about trekking, camping and star-gazing. The tough, treacherous terrains of Himachal turn into a paradise and feeds the soul with the much-needed adrenaline rush. On the other hand, Himachal is an abode of God for a monk. It is his one step closer to God or nirvana. The peaceful, serene mountains are his spiritual getaway. And lastly, for the tired city souls, Himachal is a heavenly space where they get to unwind in the lap of nature, away from the rising heat in the cities

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My next destination in Himachal Pradesh

I was pondering over my next destination in Himachal as I had four days off and I wanted to run away from the city life. The requirement was the destination should not be more than 10 hours drive from Delhi and it should be laid back but also have a cool vibe and some good eating options.

I have extensively travelled through Himachal and such an unexplored place was difficult to find. I was having a conversation with Anil Attri, founder, The Traveller Trails magazine and Tourism Scouts India) and Deepak Vats of Jot Eco Stay and Junglaat Eco Stay) in Naddi over dinner in Delhi,  it was then Deepak ji suggested, “Why don’t you go to Naddi and stay at Jot Eco Stay and Junglaat” and explore Mcleodganj and other places in the vicinity of Dharamshala.

Jot Eco Stay

I was really overwhelmed and humbled by his invitation and without a second thought said, ” I will do it and my wife will also accompany”. Next day morning, we started packing our bags and got my car checked for any mechanical glitches.

Next day morning we started around 10 am and after a continuous drive except for tea, lunch and bio breaks, we reached Naddi around 10.30 pm. The road condition is in perfect shape and accompanied by some mountainous driving. It is advisable to drive through the mountains during the day, though I love driving at night in the mountains because of the light coming from other cars and it helps to maneuver easily in the turns.

About Naddi

Located amid the exquisite surroundings, Naddi Hill Point is an appealing viewpoint in the village of Naddi in Kangra. It is enveloped in the valley of Dhauladhar Ranges and is a must-see site for the visitors that come to this place for holidays. On a clear day, the misty snow-covered Himalayan peaks can also be witnessed from this viewpoint. One can relax in the nearby village.


Why Is It Famous?

Naddi Hill Point is popular among the visitors because it provides an exciting view of the nearby valley and Himalayan peaks. Apart from this, tourists can also witness the magical sight of the sunrise & sunset from this viewpoint.

It is a perfect spot for the trek-lover as well. The rough hills make this point a place where the trekkers are challenged to cross their limits.

A local fair is also set up for 3 days between June-July as it is the peak season that witnesses a huge footfall of the tourists from different states of the country.

Where To Stay In Naddi

Jot Eco Stay

As soon as we reached Jot Eco Stay we were welcomed by Sanjana and her team. Very clean rooms were allotted to us and we were served a sumptuous dinner.

Next day we wake up to the mesmerizing view of the mountains and the beautiful valley and a sight to behold. Sanjana told us that this is the sunset view in Naddi and if rain god doesn’t play spoilsport, “you will be able to witness the most spectacular sunset in the entire Dharamshala right out of the balcony of your room”. I was really excited in the hope of capturing the sunset.

Infrastructure of Jot Eco Boutique Stays

Guests can bring their pets here on a condition they have informed the administration about this in advance. It will be a real pleasure to rest on the comfortable terrace with a cup of coffee at any time of the year. .

A few words about rooms

There is only one room type – double in the bed and breakfast. Here are proposed facilities such as hairdryers, free toiletries, flat-screen tv, electric kettle, terrace.

The rooms are spacious with a lovely view of the valley. There is a cozy in-house cafe. The main USP of this hotel is the lovely food prepared by chef Sanjana, who did her Hotel Management from Spain and has experience of working in different countries. 

Thanks Sanjana @la.kailasa , for the awesome food you prepared for us during our stay at Jot Eco Stay, Naddi. The Vada Pav prepared was second to none and was almost similar to the taste of Vada Pav that I used to have when I was in Pune except the Pav which I understand we don’t find the same one in North India. Good food is bound to make your stay more pleasant, a complete foodie perspective though.

You are an amazing chef to say the least. 

Don’t miss to visit Jot Eco Stay @jot_mcleod Naddi for awesome food. The best part is she is completely Vegan.

Check the Instagram link:


Staff is fluent in English.

Photo Gallery Of Jot Eco Stay 

Bird Eye View of Jot Eco Stay

The Terrace Cafe

The cafe has some good books 

The View From Balcony

Goodmorning with a view

We do pose sometimes

The magical hour from the balcony 

Sunset Point Naddi- right out from the balcony 

Wow a sight to behold 

The best capture of the sunset 

Into the wilderness

Moon sighting 

The misty morning 

Mountain life ain’t easy 

Home grown at the homestay 

Live live a local

One with camera shy chef Sanjana

Healthy breakfast

Omelette- my favorite

Palm cake 

Laphing – a special delicacy 

Momos in the mountains is a must 

Breakfast with cheesecake 

The most loved Indian breakfast – Aloo, Halwa, Puri

Maggi in the mountains is a must 

Sandwich and Hummus

Yummy cheesecake

Vada Pav in Naddi

Don’t be surprise, chef Sanjana is from Mumbai, so authentic Vada Pav is an option

Junglaat Eco- organic Stays and Experiences  

Junglaat was born out of our desire to showcase McLeodGanj & Dharamshala like never before.

Every aspect of the lodge is an amalgamation of Himachali and Tibetan culture – from our rooms where you will find hints of delicate Thangka paintings, typical Kullu shawls geometrical designs, to our kitchen that serves food inspired by the homes of Kangra. Junglaat is all about the town it inhabits.

McLeod Ganj is where India meets Tibet, allowing us to show you the real town that is surrounded by the beautiful Dhauladhar ranges of majestic Himalayas.

EXPLORE & EXPERIENCE Mcleodganj beyond Monks & Momos

We believe that every guest is an explorer, a wanderer, a true traveller for whom a destination is way more than a checklist of places to visit. Keeping your needs in mind we have curated experiences that take you where no tourist has ever been. We understand your need to see more than what travel books offer and that’s why we don’t create itineraries, instead we share stories that only the locals know. Simply choose the facet you want to explore and leave the rest to us.

Eat Local

And we understand your need to taste something healthy, something local, something unique.

Our menu is curated from local recipes passed from one generation of Shepherds to the next.

A stay with us will not only delight your taste buds, but also introduce you to the local flavours of the region.


Our journey began with a clear brief — Junglaat is an ode to the region of its location, culture and thought reflect this all the way. An ecorganic accommodation with intimate experiences.

Our beautifully curated rooms offers a glimpse to the woods of Himalayan cedar and named after 08 lakes which are considered extremely sacred by the local residents, Nag Dal, Lam Dal, Kali Kund, Kareri Dal, Chanderkoop Dal, Sukh Dal and Dam Ghodi Dal & Naddi Dal.

There are some beautiful hikes that can be undertaken from Junglaat. One such hike is a trail to Flag point which has become quite famous and from there one can continue till Dharamkot. We were accompanied in this hike by my dear friend from Junglaat Mr. Abhishek Mishra.

Photo Gallery Of Junglaat 

Welcome to Junglaat- truly local

Cafe at Junglaat 

Perfect place to chill

I can sit here for hours

You can also volunteer to paint graffiti 

Graffiti by guests

Perfect place for astrophotography 

Star gazing 

Magical hour 

Bird Eye View of Junglaat

A dam that provides water in Dharamshala- during the hike to Flag Point

The trail

Here is the flag point- so Instagrammable

Respect the prayer flags

The trail

Keep walking 

One with my friend from Junglaat Abhishek Mishra

The hike from Junglaat ultimately lead to Dharamkot

You can do meditation here

Tea time in Dharamkot

Reaching There

A well-established connectivity to the major highways, railways, and airways makes it easier to reach Chamba from the different corners of Himachal Pradesh. One can easily reach the site via interstate buses, trains, and flights. Traveling within the district can be done via local transit that is available on a frequent basis.

Nearest Railway Station:- Pathankot Railway Station

Nearest Airport:- Pathankot Airport

Best Time To Visit Naddi

Naddi Hill Point is visited throughout the year. Since the weather remains pleasantly cool for a major portion of the year, it becomes comfortable for the visitors to explore the nearby attractions as well. Many tourists flock to this site in the early hours of the morning to witness the first ray of the sun peeking from the horizon

For booking you can contact Deepak Vats, 99991 35642

Or you can also write to [email protected] for enquiry 

Travel and don’t stop !

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