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Ithaca: Top 6 Best Places To Visit In Ithaca, New York

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Ithaca, New York

Ithaca, New York’s Finger Lakes city, is located on Cayuga Lake.

Cornell University is located here, as well as its I.M. The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art was designed by Pei. Cornell Botanic Gardens, which sprawls over the entire area, has a multi-tiered Cascadilla Falls and an arboretum. Ithaca Falls is another waterfall in the vicinity of downtown. The state parks of Robert H. Treman and Buttermilk Falls in Southwest offer natural pools and gorges.

However, the stunning setting of Ithaca on the south shore 64-kilometer (40 mile) long Cayuga Lake and its location between two amazing gorges makes it a great place to call home. Ithaca is a vibrant city with all the amenities of a larger city like bars, restaurants, theaters and theaters. However, it has been ranked the “emerging” city in the United States by Cities Ranked and Rated. Ithaca has so many things to offer that you never know what you might find. It could be something brief, like a rainbow among the Ithaca waterfalls. Or it could be something more powerful, such as insight from an acclaimed speaker at Cornell University. You can explore Ithaca by booking a -themed hotel or a hotel with an outdoor pool.

It has developed some industry including chain drives and belting manufacturing, cash register receipt printing, pharmaceuticals, and dairying. Ithaca is the southern gateway to the Finger Lakes recreation area. Tourism boosts the economy. A nearby state park contains the Taughannock Falls, which are 215 feet (66 m) high. Inc. village, 1821; city, 1888. Pop. (2000) 29,287; (2010) 30,014.



Robert Treman State Park #1

Robert H. Treman State Park, a 1,110-acre park in Tompkins County, is an area of outstanding wild beauty. The park features the Enfield Glen Gorge, which has 12 waterfalls and craggy gorges. There are also nine miles of hiking trails. The park’s attractions include Lucifer Falls, Devil’s Kitchen and the Historic Gristmill. There is also a campground for tents and RVs.

A stream-fed pool below a waterfall makes it a great place to swim. Robert H. Treman State Park has six hiking trails, with sections of densely wooded and rocky gorges. It also includes a section of the Finger Lakes Trail that is three miles long.

Cornell University #2

Cornell University is the most popular attraction in the town. It sits on 300 hectares (745 acres) of Ivy League land. It overlooks the rest of Ithaca as well as the magnificent stripe of Cayuga Lake to the north. The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is the most popular attraction on campus. It has more than 3000 pieces, including prints and photographs, but also includes Asian art.

While the museum has interesting traveling exhibitions, even those who don’t have an artistic background shouldn’t miss the incredible views from the fifth floor of Cayuga Lake or the gentle hillsides surrounding Ithaca. McGraw Tower is the most prominent building on campus. It’s best known for its Cornell Chimes, a school tradition that students and alumni play every day. The Cornell Plantations museum, which is located east of Beebe Lake, is a great find. It’s a treasure trove for anyone who loves plants or seeks some solace. The botanical garden, wildflower and Newman Arboretum are open to the public. They specialize in New York State trees, shrubs and plants, as well any of the 1,200 hectares (3,300 acres) of natural areas around campus.

Ithaca Waterfalls #3

More than 150 waterfalls are located within 26 kilometers (10 miles) It’s amazing! You can see it yourself. This beautiful waterfall is one of the top things to do in Ithaca NY this weekend.

Ithaca Falls is one of the most well-known cascades.


According to the old saying, “Ithaca” is “gorges.” 150 waterfalls flow through the town, channeling water through gorges created thousands of years ago. They tell us that glaciers are responsible. You can take a hike to a waterfall, up to Cornell University or down to Ithaca Commons.

Buttermilk Falls State Recreation Park #4

Buttermilk Falls State park is 811 acres. It was named for the foaming waterfall that Buttermilk Creek created as it flows towards Cayuga lake. Buttermilk Falls State park is located southwest of Ithaca. It features a small lake, several waterfalls formed by Buttermilk Creek as it descends the steep valley sides, and numerous hiking trails through the woods and along the gorge.


Museum of the Earth #5

The Museum of the Earth, a natural history museum, explores the Earth in an engaging and fun way. The museum was established in 2003 by the Paleontological Research Institution. It aims to inspire an interest in the natural environment and the importance conserving it.

The museum has an 8,000-square foot permanent exhibition that documents 4.5 million years of history from Earth’s beginning to the present. There are also several permanent and temporary visual exhibitions that can be used to engage visitors, interactive science features, art exhibits, and other rotating events each month.

Ithaca Bakery and Moosewood Bakery #6

Moosewood Restaurant is well-known for its natural food cuisine. It has been in business for over 40 years. Fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits are used in the preparation of meals.


Ithaca Ale House is known for its innovative and delicious burgers. Their “Fat Kid” burger is a big burger that’s sandwiched between grilled cheeses and buns. Viva Taqueria in Ithaca is the place to go if you love fresh, healthy Mexican food.

FAQs ABOUT Ithaca, New York

Things to Do in Ithaca NY

There are many things to do in Ithaca, NY. Wineries are a popular option in the area, and many of them offer a wine pairing menu, complete with local wines. Moosewood Restaurant is one such place, located in a remodeled historic brick school building. It features natural, healthy cuisine. Moosewood is a cooperatively owned restaurant and uses regional ingredients and high-quality olive oils to produce its delicious menu. You can order a wine flight or order a cheese plate.

Is Ithaca in Upstate New York?

You’ve probably wondered, “Is Ithaca in upstate New York?” If so, you’re not alone. This charming town is home to a diverse population of artists, intellectuals, students, and performers. While Ithaca is relatively small compared to New York City, it still boasts an expanding economy and small-town charm. This area of upstate New York offers scenic views, abundant outdoor activities, and a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

What Makes Ithaca a Good Place to Visit?

You may be wondering what makes Ithaca a good place to explore. This small town sits at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake, one of the eleven Finger Lakes that are part of New York State. It is unique due to its geology, which includes many gorges formed by glaciers. The city is also home to two colleges, Cornell University and Ithaca College, which contribute to the town’s creative and diverse atmosphere.


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