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Here’s all you need to know about Indonesia’s new Golden Visa program

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Indonesia's new Golden Visa program

Introduction to Indonesia’s new Golden Visa program

Good news for all visitors from India! By the end of this year, Indonesia, a favorite Southeast Asian vacation spot for Indians, will launch its Golden Visa program.

Benefits from the Golden Visa will be extended to visitors under this initiative. With this move, Indonesia joins a number of countries that grant longer visas to travelers who make significant financial commitments, including Mexico, Greece, Canada, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka.

What is a Golden Visa

This policy exempts from visa restrictions foreign nationals and foreign corporations making sizable investments in Indonesia through trade or tourism.

Five and 10 year validity periods will be available under the Golden Visa scheme. The use of quicker and more effective procedures is one of the categories of visa’s major benefits. Long-term travelers will also be able to own property in Indonesia thanks to the Golden Visa.

Indonesia is a sought-after holiday destination with its array of volcanoes and a constellation of 17,000 different islands because of its famed cultural richness and alluring sceneries.

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About the Visa

In order to encourage foreign investment and attract top entrepreneurial and business talent from around the world, Indonesia is getting ready to launch the Golden Visa programme by the end of 2023.

Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, announced that the ‘golden visa’ will be implemented before the end of the year when speaking to reporters following a recent press conference.

The visa will have a five-year or ten-year validity, and successful candidates will get to take advantage of a number of unique advantages not yet available in other visa categories.

With the upcoming implementation of this visa scheme, Indonesia will join the ranks of nations like Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico that offer lengthy stays catered to professionals, retirees, and wealthy people.

Indian tourists visiting Indonesia

The number of Indians visiting Indonesia rapidly grows with each passing year. Indian tourists are drawn to Indonesia by its various cultures and rich cultural history. One of the main draws of the nation is its breathtaking natural beauty, which includes its lush woods, colorful beaches, and magnificent landscapes. The accessibility of great Indonesian food, which frequently appeals to Indian palates, and the low cost of travel are two factors in the attractiveness.

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