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15 Incredible Road trips in the U.S. Hit The Road, NOW!

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Travel Attractions – Best Road Trips in the U.S.

Are you dreaming of a road trip to America but don’t know where to begin? This list includes everything you need to know about the top road trips in America, including the iconic Route 66 and Pacific Coast Highway as well as more adventurous options such as Alaska. There’s something for everyone, from the colors of fall to breathtaking coastal routes.

Road-tripping is the best way to see the USA. It allows you to travel wherever you want and when you want. You can drive across, around or straight through any state in the continental USA. These are some of the most popular and memorable American road trips, as well as lesser-known but equally special ones. There’s nothing better than packing your car and making new playlists. These are our top picks

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Wyoming Adventure

Yellowstone National Park is the most well-known site in Wyoming. However, there are many other attractions in Wyoming. The thrilling route ends at Yellowstone’s east entrance. But before you get there, you’ll be having fun and vowing to return to Cheyenne. You’ll also have the opportunity to hand-feed bison at Terry Bison Ranch. Also, Danielmark’s will make a fresh root beer. Explore Fort Laramie National Historic Site. Taste local wine and learn about the legend of the jackalope.

Drive through the Wyoming Adventure

You’ll also have the opportunity to play in water under a natural bridge, look for the perfect pair of cowboy boots at Casper’s store selling western ware since 1919 and go back in history with dinosaurs found in the state. Then, you’ll reach the end with the glory of Yellowstone. Talk about the ultimate destination for a road trip. 

Great River Road

Take the Great River Road and cross the Mississippi River to check 10 states off your bucket-list. The route is perfect for nature lovers, with many wildlife resorts on the way. You can stay at the Yazoo Refuge or the Theodore Roosevelt Refuge.

The Great River Road

There are also pit stops along the way to explore small river towns like Greenville or Rosedale. This amazing U.S. road trip will be a thrilling experience. You’ll stop in New Orleans to enjoy jazz, beignets and a celebratory toast with a hurricane or mint julep. 

Glacier National Park

The day trip is only available during the spring snow melt, so make sure to grab it when you can. There are chances of seeing a family of bears walking along the road, or mountain goats hanging out in their natural habitat. You will also see spectacular waterfalls, including the most stunning ones in the state, breathtaking vistas, massive conifers, and huge conifers on this magnificent road.

Glacier National Park

The West Glacier KOA is the starting point of Going-to-the-Sun Road. This three-mile distance makes it easy to do the two- to four-hour trek several times. It is truly breathtaking and unlike any 50-mile stretch in America. Glacier Park is also part the Highway 2 roadtrip-a fantastic trip to take if your goal is to travel the northern United States.

Drive through California’s Giant Sequoias

The giant sequoias are a must-see on California road trips. If you think about California’s giant redwoods, most likely you picture coastal redwoods. These are the tallest redwood trees that line the rugged coastline of northern California. A road trip to visit them is a must. These groves are located along the Sierra Nevadas’ western slopes. These giants are unique because they grow large around their bases. This makes them different from coastal redwoods which are usually measured in height.

Drive through the giant Sequoias

The journey north from San Francisco covers 900 miles. It will take you to Discovery Tree, the first redwood discovered by naturalists in 1850s. If the weather permits, you can also catch a sunset at Yosemite Valley. Make sure you have your camera charged so that you can capture the beauty of this road trip destination. These vacation photos will be a delight. 

The Ultimate Alaska Road Trip

Many people think Alaska is only accessible by cruise ship. An all-inclusive cruise can be a great way to start exploring this beautiful state. However, the cruise ports that allow you to access Alaska only scratch the surface of what there is to do, see and experience. A week-long road trip will take you through four scenic byways. It juxtaposes the well-known Denali National Park with Wrangell St. Elias.


The 954-mile trek starts in Anchorage. It gives you access Denali, North America’s highest mountain peak. You can also explore a few lesser-known corners of Alaska. McCarthy is a small town of 27 residents. It has a unique food scene that you can post to Instagram.

Drive Through The Scenic Route Of The Ancients And The Moki Dugway

The Trail of the Ancients is America’s only national scenic route dedicated exclusively to archaeology. It runs 116 miles through Colorado and Utah and takes you to many of the most popular sights in the country such as Monument Valley and Four Corners. This 480-mile journey can be done in one day.

The Ancients and the Moki Dugway

However, a six-day itinerary will allow you to really experience Native American history. Except for the three-mile stretch of switchback-laden, arduous Trail of Ancients, which is known as Moki Dugway and affords unparalleled views of this extraordinary landscape, all roads are paved. These most dangerous roads in the world are also worth a look for thrill-seekers.

Route 66

Without mentioning Route 66, no list of the best road trips in the United States would be complete. It is the place where many travelers get their thrills. Let’s not focus on the entire route, but just one stretch through the Texas Panhandle. Although the section of Route 66 in Texas is small, it covers approximately 180 miles. However, the iconic pit stops make it a memorable part of the route. This stretch of Route 66 is actually the inspiration for the animated film cars.

Route 66

Midpoint Cafe, a Texas-based pit stop in the ’50s, is the halfway point from Chicago to Santa Monica. It also has a “Lick the Plate Club”, for those who love pie. Shamrock, with its Tower Station, U-Drop Inn Cafe is the best historic destination for road trips along this route. It was originally built in 1936 to provide relief for weary travelers on Route 66. But the main attraction is in Amarillo.

Cadillac Ranch is famous for its 1974 art installation that features 10 Cadillac cars buried in one-file line. Visitors are allowed to spray paint, so everyone can enjoy the same Cadillac Ranch experience.

Austin to New Orleans

Although the Big Easy is a great place to end a U.S. Road Trip, it’s also a unique destination because you’ll encounter some strange roadkill like alligators or possums, eat delicious Cajun food, and pass by Insta-worthy sights like bridges over huge swamps, farms in middle of nowhere, stunning forests, and farms.

Road to New Orleans

It takes approximately nine hours to drive through, but it is worth taking extra time for an out of this world NASA day in Houston, a delicious crawfish boil at Lake Charles, or the opportunity to better understand America’s race history at various plantations and estates. 

Shenandoah National Park

Skyline Drive is a great place to reflect on the fact that Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, with its lush hardwood forest, was almost destroyed by the logging industry 100 years ago. The Great Depression saw many families and farmers fleeing the soil. The park today boasts 300 miles of beautiful trees and wildflower meadows.

Shenandoah National Park

Skyline Drive in Shenandoah, one of America’s most beautiful fall destinations, is also a great place to take late-spring road trips. Azales and mountain laurels can be found here, as well. These are the best spots to see fall foliage in America if you want to travel in fall.

The Loneliest Road

One is the most lonely number. While traveling along this transcontinental highway there will be times when you feel like you are the only person left. This 3,000-mile road trip from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California is the reason US-50 has such a memorable name. 

The Loneliest Road

You won’t be alone, however. There are hundreds of charming old towns along the road, which Time magazine calls the “Backbone of America”.

Marfa, Texas

This drive through West Texas is a delight for road trippers who are interested in both the beauty of the natural world as well as the unexpected. This trek can be just a day, a weekend, or even longer, but making it in springtime will deliver the everything’s-bigger-in-Texas wildflower show blooming on the rolling hills of Big Bend National Park. It’s about six hours away from San Antonio.


This stunning scene should be capped with a stop at Marfa, Texas, one of the most unusual and beautiful road trips destinations in the American South. The famed “Prada boutique” is a reflection of the state of American culture. But Marfa is much more than a place. It’s a way of life. 

You’ll find everything you need in this small town located an hour west of Big Bend on Route 90. Anthony Bourdain wrote a lot about it. Movies have been shot here, including the Paul Thomas Anderson movie There Will be Blood. The stars shine even brighter in this special part of the country. These amazing Texas road trip will take you to the Lone Star State.

Cross-country one way: Southern route

Start on the East coast, possibly from Atlanta or Washington, D.C., and travel through Memphis to enjoy barbecue and the National Civil Rights Museum. Spend a few nights in St. Louis at The elegant Union Station Hotel. This is so that you and your family can visit the City Museum. It remains America’s best place to be a child. You can also take a trip up to the Gateway Arch.

Cross country- Southern Route

To reach Denver, you will need to make the tedious and flat trek across Kansas (if you can manage to masterly make the joke “this is as boring and driving across Kansas” joke). You’ll be stopping at Lakeside for vintage amusements and a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

You will pass through Aspen, then head down to southern Utah where you’ll find a variety of breathtaking national parks like Bryce Canyon and Arches. Finally, cross Death Valley and spend the night stargazing in Joshua Tree before finally taking a ride on Santa Monica Pier’s Ferris wheel.

Cross-country one way: Northern route

This is both the classic American road-trip and one of your best road trips, especially if you have kids. We recommend a cross-country trip in a minivan. This journey can be done in two weeks in either a Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna.

A minivan has ample space for everyone and all their stuff, but it is also capable of easily navigating the city streets, unlike an RV or camper van. Consider renting a minivan for your road trip if you don’t have one.

Cross Country - Northern Route

The best northern route begins in Seattle, and continues east, with a heavy dose national parks (Glacier Yellowstone, Grand Tetons), before reaching Minneapolis, where you can enjoy charming Midwestern city living. Next, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s original Usonian home in Madison, Wisconsin.

Then, head on to Chicago, on the shores Lake Michigan. Continue around the lake, stopping at Holland’s tulips, windmills, and then hitting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland. Finally, you can finish your journey in historic Philadelphia or New York’s Coney Island.

Arizona: A Thousand Miles

It turns out that there is a lot! Moebes points to the Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Meteor Crater, Monument Valley, and of course the Grand Canyon. You’ll be able to see Winslow from a corner.


If you make it a family trip, your children will cherish the memories. Make sure to determine the cost of your road trip before you set off.

FAQs about Road Trip In USA

How long does a USA road trip take?

A road trip across the USA can take four to six days depending on the route taken. This assumes that you are willing to drive up to eight hours per day.

What do I need to know about road trips?

·    Decide on a destination. It is a good idea to choose a destination that is not too far away for your first road trip.
·         Choose a route.
·         Consider your vehicle.
·         Get a tune up.
·         Plan for stops.
·         Bring entertainment.


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