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Humanitarians During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Featuring NGO partner Sarvahitey During Covid19

There’s a story behind every cause:

You have to read the entire story to believe how one good deed acts as a catalyst for the other.

We all know that this pandemic is unprecedented in scale and need. Almost every household, community, organization, sector and nation is reeling from its impacts on health, the economy and society. Our world has fundamentally changed. 

India is no exception to it. Being one of the most populous countries in the world, the impact of this Pandemic is unprecedented in India.

Who do you think – are the worst affected by this Pandemic?

The ongoing lockdown, in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, has affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities across the country, such as migrant labourers, waste pickers, sex workers and daily wage earners and the list goes on.

Who do you think are helping and supporting this section of people along with the government?

Yes the answer is correct, – the voluntary organizations, NGOs and many other groups of caregivers.

Through this blog we will highlight the good deeds by NGO Sarvahitey in one week through different stories.

Excerpts by Prem Prakash, Founder NGO- Sarvahitey.

Though the entire India is locked down and people have less work, poor Prem’s phone keeps on ringing.  Yes, he has to answer phone calls of people who are in distress and run to support them. Please be rest assured that he follows all the norms and precautionary measures. 

Not-for-profit organisations and charities are putting together funds to help the most vulnerable communities during the lockdown. Please support the cause and help Humanity.

Let us hear the the stories:


Lockdown is heavy on all of us. But for some, who don’t have anything to eat, it’s a nightmare. These 10 people were stuck near Gurgaon railway station. One of our friends reached out to us and informed us about their plight. We acted on it. 

The Good Deed: All 10 people got necessary food items. 

Rice – 5 Kg

Flour – 5 Kg

Oil – 1/2 L

Sugar – 1 Kg

Salt – 1 Kg

Tealeaves – 1 Pkt

Pulses will be delivered soon.

Keep supporting us and we’ll try our best to reach out to as many people as possible.

Humanitarians During COVID-19 Pandemic
Humanitarians During COVID-19 Pandemic


Your network can be really helpful to people. But as my friend Ami Kumar  says, what matters is a “working network”. I am blessed to have a group of people who go out of their ways to help the needy whenever I call them. Very often they work behind the scenes. 

A friend from Jharkhand informed me about Nayum Ansari and his group (13 people) who were stuck in Panvel, Mumbai. They had run out of food items. When I talked to them and assessed the situation, I was told that they are in urgent need of help, specially because 3 kids are going hungry. It’s fascinating how people in desperate times also look out for their group. 

The Good Deed:

 Each one of them received following items:

Rice – 5 Kg

Flour – 5 Kg

Pulses – 1 Kg

Oil – 1/2 L

Sugar – 1 Kg

Salt – 1 Kg

Tealeaves – 2 Small Packets

Each day is like a new battle for these families. With no jobs, no savings, they are dependent on people like You and I. I am sure that in coming days situation will get worse (at least for a couple of months) because of disruption in supply chain, but I am certain that if we all come together to fight Covid-19, we’ll emerge victorious.

We will keep supplying food items to as many people as we can.

Humanitarians During COVID-19 Pandemic
Humanitarians During COVID-19 Pandemic


We got a call from the control room of Home Ministry today afternoon. They informed us about a family which has run out of supplies. 

The Good Deed

Not wasting any time, Keshav, Mehak, and I rushed to the place (Rajnigandha Chowk) with following items:

Rice – 10 Kgs

Flour – 10 Kgs

Oil – 1 L

Sugar – 1 Kg

Salt – 1 Kg

There are 3 other families which need help tomorrow at the same spot. We informed police about the same. It was heartening to see that police personnel while maintaining a close vigil over lockdown, had kept a few cooked food packets for anyone who needs them. 

Humanitarians During COVID-19 Pandemic

Next Stories of Good Deeds coming up in the following places:

We will be distributing food items tomorrow in Dimapur, Nagaland and Malappuram, Kerala  to around 50 stranded families of migrant workers.

If you believe in our stories and wish to be part of this journey,  join this movement.

In case, you have decided to donate after reading this story just type “NomadLawyer” while making your donations.

You can write to us at [email protected]

To donate:

Account number: 103705000397

IFSC: ICIC0001037

Branch: Vasant Kunj

Account name: Sarvahitey

Bank – ICICI

Current Account

E-mail – [email protected]

GPay/Phone Pe/Paytm – 8285423423

If you’re donating from outside India:


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