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How To Spot Fake IDs

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Fake IDs are a bigger problem than you think. In spite of movies glorifying the use of fake IDs, they can be misused in a variety of ways that are just not acceptable. However, using a fake ID to get booze while being a student or using it to get discounts available to adults only isn’t very problematic. If you need a fake ID for these reasons, it might be a good idea to get one.

There are a lot of people who can provide you with fake IDs, but they will be spotted if anyone does check it seriously. So, if you don’t want to get scammed by a poorly built fake ID, then you might want to read on. Here is how you can spot fake IDs.

Key characteristics of an ID

Before we jump into how to spot fake IDs, we need to understand the key characteristics that make an identification card original. These are the points that need to be kept in mind while making a fake ID. topfakeid.com keeps all of these things that we are about to mention in focus to provide you with the best fake ID possible.

Every government, facility, or company provides its citizen or employer with an identification card. Every card is given a unique number or a combination of letters to identify that person. Now it is very easy to come up with a combination of your own and call it a day. However, these numbers actually mean something and provide information about that person when searched upon in the organization’s database.

Original IDs are also made with good quality PVC, i.e., polycarbonate thermoplastics and Teslin. If you have an original ID of some sort, try to dip it in water, and you will see nothing happening; Teslin is the reason for that.

A good quality fake ID maker has to keep everything in mind when making an ID, or it can actually get you into trouble. Here are the things you should check before accepting a fake ID.

Things to look out for

As you might have figured from the different characteristics, identification cards are more than just “information printed on a piece of plastic.” To check if your fake ID is up to the mark or not, here are some ways:

Holographic images

For starters, try to get an original ID so you can double-check the things that we are about to mention. Some identification cards have some kind of holographic images embedded in them. The image itself depends upon the organization the identification card belongs to. To check the image, slightly tilt the ID and keep it in the light. If there is an image on the original ID, then there should be one on the fake one as well. If it is not there, then the fake ID might not be worth buying.

Lamination work

Organizations use professional lamination work to safely keep the holograms and other important things in the ID. However, fake ID makers tend to use cheap lamination that can be spotted out easily. Try to bend the original ID in any way possible, and you will see nothing out of the ordinary. However, if a fake ID has used cheap lamination, then there is a possibility that a bubble may appear, ruining the lamination.

Laser embossing

If you have ever seen an ID that has some parts of it sticking out, then it is due to laser embossing. Not sticking out precisely, but you are able to feel it when you rub your finger over it. Some states use laser embossing to raise the plastic in the front of the ID without altering the back of it. If the original ID has some kind of embossing done to it, then the fake one should have it too. Little things like these are what make the difference when you are using fake IDs.

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