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How to Handle a Car Accident While on Vacation?

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How to Handle a Car Accident While on Vacation: Your auto may be damaged, but your vacation doesn’t have to be. How to handle yourself after a crash can depend on many details.

With a few exceptions, the post-crash process mostly remains the same. Professionals, like a car accident lawyer, are helpful resources for minimizing the stress around the crash so you can get back to your holiday.

You can keep a sheet with these steps written down on it with your driver’s license and insurance. That way if you’re ever involved in a car crash, it’s easy to get settled into the process. Hopefully, you can follow the steps and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

How to Handle a Car Accident While on Vacation?

Remain Calm

Stay calm to not make things worse than they already may be. Taking care of responsibilities is easier when we’re not panicked. Some crashes are worse than others. You need to be calm to be able to properly assess the scope of the situation.

Call the Police

Report the car accident to them. Answer questions politely, but discerningly. Many police are searching for incriminating circumstances upon arrival, so be careful what you say to them, and know that you can be silent at any time you choose. Also, if additional emergency response is needed, they’ll usually help make that happen. 

Pics and Video: Take Them

This takes the pressure off of you to make statements to either of them. Where certain circumstances are concerned, you can say less because all they have to do is refer to the pics and video. This step also helps to protect you from fraudulent claims and statements others might make about the crash. 

A dashcam can be one of the best investments you ever made. Being vigilant with pics and video is essential. This prevents many problems. Pics and video help to corroborate evidence of circumstances for insurance companies and police. 

Exchange Contacts and Notes

When there’s one or more other drivers or persons involved in the incident, exchange information with them. Here is what you’ll get from them and give to them: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy number
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate

Contact Your Insurance Company to File a Claim

You’ll want to contact your insurance company immediately after a car crash. This is an especially important step, as most insurance claims have a time limit for reporting, and anything past that means forfeiture of whatever claim there was to be made. Quick and accurate reporting is very important to get larger settlements that pay out sooner.

Rent a Car for the Remainder of Your Trip

Contact a rental company and let them know your needs. They’ll know what to do because it’s their business to do so. They’ll already be familiar with the process of contacting your insurance company and making arrangements for your rental. Depending on your insurer and the extent of your coverage, you may be able to be in a rental within a couple of hours of the incident. 

Contact a Lawyer to Handle a Car Accident While on Vacation

The importance and utility of a quality lawyer cannot be overstated in the event of a car accident. Involving a seasoned lawyer from the beginning helps to reduce the amount of stress the incident can cause you. Qualified lawyers also help to save a tremendous amount of time. Lastly, competent lawyers will help you get the financial remuneration you deserve. 

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