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Kearny: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Kearny, NJ

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"Kearny is a middle-sized New Jersey city that's located in Hudson County. The town is known as Soccer Town, U.S.A. Kearny has a vibrant economy and thrives on commerce and industry."

Parts of Kearny have been designated Urban Enterprise Zones. This reduces taxes from 7 percent to 3 percent. Residents of Kearny can now buy electronics and clothes because they have low taxes. The Law Office of Samuel C. Berger, Kearny, NJ will protect your rights and interests.

Best time to visit in Kearny

"September, June and May are the most pleasant months in Kearny, while January and February are the least comfortable months."

Historical places of Kearny

Kearny is a great place to live. It is close to New York City. Kearny lies within 250 miles of some the most prosperous areas in the country.

We have compiled a list of things to do in Kearny, and nearby.

Newark Museum of Art #1

New Jersey’s largest museum is the Newark Museum of Art. It is located in Newark, Essex County. It contains major American art, decorative arts, and art from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It houses a vast collection of American art, including works by Hiram Powers, Thomas Cole, John Singer Sargent and others. Frederick Church, Childe Hassam, Mary Cassatt.

Historical Places to visit in Kearny
Newark Museum of Art

"The Museum's Tibetan art galleries are among the best in the world. The collection was inherited from Christian missionaries in the early 20th century."

Hours:10am–5pm (Thu-Sun)

Branch Brook Park #2

Historical Places to visit in Kearny
Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park is a county park in Essex County in New Jersey. It’s located in Newark’s North Ward between Forest Hill & Roseville. A portion of the park is also included in the Township of Belleville. Branch Brook Park is Newark’s largest park, covering 360 acres. Branch Brook Park is well-known for its extensive collection of cherry blossom trees.

Website:Branch Brook Park
Phone:+1 973-268-3500
Hours:Open 24 hours

Ellis Island #3

Ellis Island is a federally owned island in New York Harbor. It is located in the U.S. States and New Jersey. Ellis Island was once America’s busiest immigration processing and inspection station. Nearly 12 million immigrants came to the Port of New York between 1892 and 1954. Only guided tours to the Ellis Island south side, which also includes the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital, are permitted. Fort Gibson used Ellis Island as its home in the 19th Century.

Website:Ellis Island

The Jewish Museum of New Jersey #4

It was built in 1923 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. A total of approximately 70,000 Jews were served by one of the 50 synagogues in Newark. It was the sixth largest Jewish community in America. From the Museum’s Gallery, you can see the stunning Aron Kodesh (or Holy Ark).

The Jewish Museum of New Jersey

"Constructed in 1870s for Congregation Beth-El, it was moved later to Lexington Avenue and the 63rd Street in New York City."

Website:The Jewish Museum of New Jersey
Phone:+1 973-485-2609

Mana Contemporary #5

Mana Contemporary

Mana Contemporary is a cultural center in Jersey City, New Jersey USA. It has affiliated centers in Chicago and Miami.

Website:Mana Contemporary
Phone:+1 201-604-2702
Hours:9am–5pm (Mon-Fri)

Sawtooth Bridges #6

Sawtooth Bridges

Amtrak Bridge No. 2 is also known as the Sawtooth Bridges. They are a pair of railroad bridges that span the Northeast Corridor. 7.80, Amtrak Bridge No. 7.96. They are located in Kearny’s Meadowlands (New Jersey), between Secaucus Junction & Newark Penn Station. This is where rights-of way for Amtrak, NJ Transit, PATH, and Conrail intersect and reorient. The name of the tracks refers to their appearance, and the numbers indicate how far they are from New York Penn Station. Pennsylvania Railroad originally constructed them. Amtrak currently owns and manages them. They are slated for replacement as part of the Gateway Program, an infrastructure-improvement program along the NEC.

Kearny Riverbank Park #7

"Kearny Riverbank Park is a municipal park that runs alongside the Passaic River in Kearny. It's located in New Jersey."

Kearny Riverbank Park

It was extended to Belleville Turnpike in 2011 through brownfield reclamation. To improve the park’s greenway, $1.8 million was provided by the state. Rowing teams have enjoyed the Passaic’s reaches. The park is also home to the boathouse, which is used by Nutley and Belleville high school oarsmen.

Website:Kearny Riverbank Park
Phone:+1 201-955-7400
Hours:7am–9pm (Daily)

FAQ: Historical Places of Kearny

Is Kearny NJ diverse?

The first question on your mind may be: “Is Kearny NJ diverse?” Well, yes and no. You can consider the town as diverse if you like to see a wide range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds living in the same community. After all, how else would you know how diverse it is? Here are some interesting facts about Kearny NJ that will help you answer this question. You may be surprised at the answers.

What is Kearny New Jersey known for?

The town’s first public school was opened on August 16, 1870, in the Town Hall at Kearny Avenue and Woodland Avenue. Kearny’s early development was driven by the Clark Thread Company, an immigrant textile manufacturer from Scotland. The company built two large mills in Kearny in 1875 and two more in 1890, creating hundreds of jobs for Scottish immigrants. The town’s modern population of forty-five thousand people is mostly made up of families who settled in the area during these years.

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