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Atlantic City: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City, NJ

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"Atlantic City is the most well-known beach resort on the East Coast of New Jersey. Atlantic City was founded in 1850 and offers vacationers long sandy beaches as well as a wide range of entertainment and activities."

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is home to most restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues. This five-and-a-half-mile-long, 60-foot-wide seafront promenade is also the place to go for a pleasant stroll and some people-watching. Since the addition of the boardwalk in 1870, the city has seen a tremendous increase in population. Each year, an average of 27,000,000 people spend millions of dollars on its top attractions.

Atlantic City began as a small fishing village. But by the late 1800s it was a popular destination for tourists. It has been a popular destination for water sports like swimming, surfing, and sailing for decades.

Best time to visit Atlantic City

It is best to visit Atlantic City between March and May, or June to August. The summer breeze can blow through Atlantic City, but the humidity is high with the average high of the low 80s.

Historical Places of Atlantic City

"This list contains the top historical things you can do in Atlantic City (NJ) to learn more about the country's best place to go for a relaxing vacation."

Lucy the Margate Elephant #1

Lucy is a landmark seaside attraction that stands out as a 65-foot tall, six-story-high wooden and tin elephant. It was built in Margate, an unincorporated coastal town, in 1881 in order to attract potential buyers to the area’s summer homes. Lucy has been used as a tavern and a summer home as well as an observation deck.

Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City
Lucy the Margate Elephant

“Lucy, who was nearly in her death in the 1960s and was saved by Josephine Harron Park, is proud to be a National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks. One of the highlights of a visit is climbing the spiral staircase to the “howdah”, the small cabin-like structure that she carries, and taking in the amazing panoramic views. You can also take fun guided tours.”

Websit:Lucy the Margate Elephant
Hours:10am–5pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 609-823-6473

Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall #2

You should check out the concert schedule at the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall if you plan on staying in Atlantic City. It was opened in 1929 and remains the city’s most beloved concert and event venue. It is also home to the Miss America finals.

Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City
Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall

"The historic location is also home to the largest musical instrument in all of the world: a pipe organ, which has 33,000 pipes, eight chambers and 1,000 stop keys. Visitors can listen to the recently renovated organ every day at noon for a 30-minute free concert."

Websit:Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall
Phone:+1 609-348-7000

Absecon Lighthouse Views #3

The 228-step Absecon Lighthouse, located at the northern end of Atlantic City is known for its original First-Order Fresnel Lens installed in 1857. It is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey at 171 feet and the third-tallest of its kind in the US.

Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City
Absecon Lighthouse Views

"The lighthouse was renovated to celebrate New Jersey's 300th Anniversary in 1964. It is made from granite blocks, brick, iron and paint in its original yellow and black. The spectacular views from the top are well worth the climb ."

Websit:Absecon Lighthouse Views
Hours:10am–5pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 609-449-1360

The Atlantic City Historical Museum #4

The Atlantic City Historical Museum is located in the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall. It documents the history of Atlantic City’s transformation from a small fishing community to one of America’s busiest tourist destinations.

Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City
The Atlantic City Historical Museum

Artifacts, costumes and photographs as well as postcards, songs sheets, postcards, artifacts, memorabilia, and photos are all part of the exhibits. You will also find fascinating footage from the Miss America Pageant of years past and archival Thomas Edison beach photos.

"The Atlantic City Experience is also worth your attention. This attraction is free and features a variety of research materials and collections related to the unique development of the city. All of them are on display at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall."

Websit:The Atlantic City Historical Museum
Hours:10am–5pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 609-347-5839

Atlantic City War Memorials #5

Atlantic City has two outstanding war memorials, which is surprising for a city known for its fun and friendly atmosphere. The World War I Memorial is the oldest. It was built in 1922, and it is dedicated to all those who died in the Great War 1914-1918. It boasts an impressive rotunda, which houses Liberty In Distress, a nine foot bronze statue.

Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City
Atlantic City War Memorials
Websit:Atlantic City War Memorials
Hours:Open 24 hours (Daily)
Phone:+1 609-345-2500

African American Heritage Museum #6

The African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey offers a fascinating and important look at the struggles of African Americans throughout the centuries. The museum features interesting exhibits and more than 11,000 cultural and historical artifacts.

African American Heritage Museum

The museum also contains a collection memorabilia from soldiers from Atlantic County, from WWI through current conflicts. Permanent exhibits show how marketing and stereotypes have had an adverse effect on African Americans.

Its collections of furniture, housewares and other items from early African American lives are also of interest. Also, the story of African American entertainers who played prominent roles in Atlantic City’s glory years is fascinating.

Websit:African American Heritage Museum
Hours:10am–3pm (Tue-Fri)
Phone:+1 609-704-5495

Historic Gardner’s Basin #7

"Historic Gardner's Basin, a waterfront park and maritime village with many interesting features, is worth a visit. The Steel Pier Diving Bell, which was once used to lower guests onto the seabed, is one of the highlights."

Historic Gardner’s Basin

Gardner’s Basin can also be used to launch a fishing cruise or dolphin-sighting trip, or simply to wander the shops in the Crafters Village. You’ll also find the Atlantic City Aquarium here.

Websit:Historic Gardner’s Basin

FAQ: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Atlantic City, NJ

Which part of Atlantic City is the best?

The best area to stay in Atlantic City is the Boardwalk area, which go on for four miles along the coastline and happens to be the oldest in the United States of America.

What is something Atlantic City is known for?

Located on the Jersey Shore and a straight, 60-mile shot from Philadelphia, Atlantic City is best known for its buzzing casinos, beautiful and wide beaches, and historic Boardwalk — which was America’s first when it opened in 1870. But, the Boardwalk is just one part of the town’s storied past.

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