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Hiring an employment attorney in Virginia? Ask these questions

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Attorney in Virginia: There are numerous reasons why you may need the expertise of an employment attorney. Probably you were wrongfully fired from the job, or maybe you suffered discrimination because of your race. You should also contact an employment attorney before signing a contract with your new employer.

Hiring a Virginia employment attorney doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, as long as you ask the enlisted questions.

Hiring an employment attorney in Virginia?

FAQ’S: Hiring an employment attorney in Virginia

How long have you been in business? What can you tell me about your experience?

Knowing your Attorney in Virginia is one key step in the process. Hiring a lawyer because they are cheap or available isn’t the wisest step. First things first, ask if the lawyer specializes in employment law. If they do, what percentage of their practice is about employment-related matters. You should ask if the lawyer has been around for a considerably longer time. If an attorney doesn’t want to speak about his work profile, that’s definitely not a positive sign. 

Do you work for employees or employers?

Many lawyers represent employees and employers alike, and it’s not always a negative thing. However, if an attorney has represented employers mostly, you need to be cautious as they may not understand things from an employee’s perspective. It is also necessary to check if the lawyer has any remote conflict of interest. If the same attorney is representing your employer in another legal matter concerning employment law, don’t hire them. 

How much would you charge?

The cost of hiring an employment Attorney in Virginia depends on the nature of the case. For instance, if the attorney expects a financial recovery or settlement for you, they could work on a contingency fee, where the lawyer’s fee is only due after you win. In other cases, employment lawyers can charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. It is always wise to get an estimate, which the lawyer should provide in the first meeting. 

What are my legal options?

You need to ask about the lawyer’s opinion about your case. Your lawyer is expected to explain your rights and the law with regards to employment law, and they must also share the legal options. An Attorney in Virginia can only predict things to an extent, but be cautious of attorneys who guarantee an outcome. Ask the attorney what factors can influence the eventual case outcome. 

Hire an employment lawyer without delay to file a case against your employer. You have a deadline for that, which must be adhered to.

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