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Hindu Muslim Unity: An Awe Inspiring Tale Between Corona Pandemic In India

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Hindu Muslim unity has always been an agenda in India. Even in turbulent times like this we gave Corona crisis a communal twist. The Corona Pandemic is ripping nations apart, destroying families and killing people. And here we are, playing the blame game. Hindus and Muslims are brothers that have together served their nation and stood by each other during tough times.

Here is a little story from my friend Prem Prakash who heads Sarvahitey, a Noida beased NGO

Like a frontline warrior Prem has stood between poverty stricken people and their ill fate. He provides food, clothing and education to the impoverished families.

Hindu Muslim Unity: An Awe Inspiring Tale Between Corona Pandemic In India

During the Corona crisis here’s what Prem has been upto,(From his facebook post):

The recent development in Nizamuddin, Delhi has derailed the discussion from medical preparedness and relief work to Hindu-Muslim. Obviously, this debate is going to be counterproductive; let government and police handle it in accordance with law.

I am sharing here 2 positive stories which I am personally involved in.

1st Story:

I got a call from one of my Muslim friends in Mewat who told me that an Imam in Gurgaon is looking for some help with food items. I asked for the number and called up the Imam. I thought there’d be some Muslim families who have lost their jobs and the Imam might need some help for them.

When I called him, he said that there are 42 migrant workers from Bihar who are in desperate situation and immediately need food. I got in touch with them and arranged for filling of their gas cylinders and food. All 42 are Hindus.

2nd Story:

The Gurgaon slum where food items are being distributed by us, is inhabited predominantly by Muslim rag pickers. Almost all the families needed food and we could cater only to 100 families. There were 150 more which needed help.

Can you guess who stepped up?

I got a call from one of the RSS members. When I told him about the situation, he immediately mobilized resources and with help of other ‘Swayamsevaks’ made arrangements for the entire slum.

Hindu Muslim Unity: An Awe Inspiring Tale Between Corona Pandemic In India

My friends, this is not the time to fight. Just focus on one thing, helping the needy in your area.

We Love you Prem!

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