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HELENA: Top 9 Best Tourist Attractions in Helena, Montana

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Helena the “Queen City of the Rockies”, and capital of MONTANA became a  home to a vibrant cultural centre with an eclectic shopping scene, art galleries and great local bands. It also has great restaurants, microbreweries, and an extensive trail system.

Let’s get rid of our renaissance hangovers by taking the tour of Helena “Queen City of the Rockies”,

The city Helena, is situated approximately 170 miles (270 km) south the US-Canadian border. It is close to the Missouri River in Prickly Pear valley in the central-western portion of the state. It is also near the Rocky Mountains foothills

Helena was born along Last Chance Gulch, which became Montana Capital and the seat of Lewis and Clark counties in 1875. It was already incorporated in 1881. Montana was made the forty-first US state in 1889. Helena, Montana’s capital, has a population in excess of 80,000. Helena was established as a Montana gold camp in the midst of the Montana gold rush on October 30, 1864. Helena, which was established in 1864 as a gold camp, would soon become a prosperous city with 50 millionaires living there by 1889.

Tourist Attractions in Helena, Montana

The Weather and best time to visit in HELENA

You are most likely to have good weather in June and September with temperatures that range between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius (68degF), and 79 degrees Celsius (79degF). Helena’s summers are warm and clear, while the winters can be cold, snowy and partly cloudy. The temperature ranges from 13degF up to 85degF, and rarely drops below 6degF nor above 95degF.

The best time to visit Helena during warm-weather activities is between early July and middle August.

Visit the Montana State Capitol #1

The State Capitol is surrounded by beautiful hillsides and elegant neighborhood buildings. It has been proudly overlooking Helena for more than 100 years. The capitol building’s tall dome and Lady Liberty perched on the top add extra height, while the granite columns and Greek architecture give it a feeling of significance.

These four paintings depict early Montana society archetypes and were created in 1902. Admire the paintings of the Native American, explorer, fur trapper, cowboy, and gold miner.

Address:1301 E 6th Ave, Helena, MT 59601, USA

Montana Historical Society Museum #2

The Montana Historical Society Museum preserves and interprets ethnological, historical and archaeological artifacts that reflect Montana’s rich culture and history. It is home to over 50,000 artifacts and has been recognized by the American Association of Museums. You can explore the many temporary and long-term exhibits that show the region’s rich history

The Montana Historical Society is located adjacent to the State Capitol. It’s easy to miss the large sculptures that line the lawn. The Historical Society is home to the Montana’s Museum with many exhibits and galleries.

The museum has a vast collection of artifacts that includes thousands. The Historical Society also facilitates a variety of educational and social events every month.

Address:225 N Roberts St, Helena, MT 59620, United States
Contact: +14064442694

Mount Helena City Park #3

Mount Helena, Helena’s iconic landmark and most prominent natural attraction, is a highlight of Helena. The park covers over 600 acres with several miles of hiking trails. It is located on the hillsides above Reeder’s Alley. The 1906 Trail is the most popular route to reach the summit, offering spectacular views.

The 1906 Trail measures approximately 1.6 miles and has 1,100 feet elevation gain. The 1906 Trail is too steep and long for easy. However, the views are well worth the effort. The Powerline Trail, which traverses the same height in 0.7 miles, is another route.

Address:Helena, MT 59601, United States

Cathedral of St. Helena #4

In 1924, the Cathedral of St. Helena was dedicated. The generous patronage of Thomas Cruse (a local philanthropist), enabled it to be commissioned. This cathedral was built in Gothic style and has been rebuilt and remodeled over the years. The beautiful stained glass windows were created by F. X. Zettler, Munich, Bavaria.

These windows are a visual representation of Adam’s fall from grace. Visitors will be impressed by the elaborate bronze altar canopy, the gilding in the interior and grillwork behind it.

Address:530 N Ewing St, Helena, MT 59601, United States
Contact: +14064425825

Lewis and Clark at Gates of the Mountain Wilderness Area #5

Gates of the Mountain, located twenty miles north of Helena, is managed by the Helena National Forest. It is rich in history and natural beauty. The name was given by Meriwether Lewis during the Corps of Discovery expedition to refer to the way the Missouri River meets the limestone cliffs in this wilderness area. Anyone who visits this area is instantly struck by a sense of grandeur.

There are miles of trails that wind through the area. The surrounding picnic areas invite visitors to have lunch with a view. The summer season offers boat tours that take you to the Gates of the Mountain. The tours include narration and commentary about the dramatic geology and history of the area.

Address:Helena, MT 59602, United States

Grandstreet Theatre, Helena #6

Grandstreet Theatre in Montana is Montana’s most prestigious Community Theatre. Since its inception, it has been serving Montana residents and visitors for more than 40 years. It boasts a nationally-recognized Grand Street Theatre School, which trains more than 400 students annually and produces 10 to 12 plays and musicals.

The building houses a Romanesque granite church of 200 seats and a 45-black box studio. The theatre is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Its central mission includes the production of theatre of the highest standard.

Address:325 N Park Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
Contact: +14064424270

Helena Ice Arena, Helena #7

Helena Ice Arena was founded in 2002 and offers skate rentals, hockey skills leagues, public skating lessons, and other services for all ages. Skate rentals cost $7 for adults and $5 per child. Bighorns Hockey tickets fees are $6 for students and $9 for adults. Children aged 4 and under get a free ticket.

Skating is an enjoyable activity that is suitable for both novice and advanced skaters. This is where families and groups can have a lot of fun and it is also a great place to bring the whole family. The snack bar offers food and beverages.

Address:400 Lola St, Helena, MT 59601, United States
Contact: +14064572817

Holter Museum of Art #8

The Holter Museum in Helena is a cultural center. It hosts regional, national and international art exhibits. The museum’s rotating displays are about expressions of modern culture. Permanent installations include a variety of art forms.

Free admission to the museum is required in order to fully appreciate the art. However, donations are welcome. There are many events at the museum throughout the year including family trivia nights and fall art walks. The museum offers classes and workshops for all ages. The entire facility can be rented for groups of people, or even special occasions.

Address:12 E Lawrence St, Helena, MT 59601, United States
Contact: +1 843-235-6000

Reeder’s Alley in Helena, MT #9

Reeder’s Alley is Helena’s best-preserved heritage district. These buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places and have not been altered since 1863. You can take a walk along the path and marvel at the architecture of these houses. To live in the past, visitors can rent a room.

You can also enjoy a show at the theater, pan for gold, and ride the old train. There is even a candy shop that you can visit for some sweet treats. The museum will provide a glimpse into the lives and times of early miners as well as the influence of Chinese.

Address:212 S Park Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
Contact: +14064492107


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