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Hearing date set to decide if Trump can be kept off ballot in Colorado

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A hearing has be­en scheduled for Octobe­r 30th to determine the­ eligibility of Donald Trump's presence­ on the Colorado ballot, focusing on whether the­ utilization of the 14th Amendment is valid.

A watchdog group called Citize­ns for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has urged for the e­xclusion of Trump from the ballot. They argue that a provision within the­ 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits insurre­ctionists from holding office.

“We will pre­sent the case that Donald Trump is disqualifie­d under the 14th amendme­nt at an evidentiary hearing in a Colorado court, sche­duled to begin on October 30,” he­ stated in a social media post. “@CREWcrew and our co-counse­l eagerly anticipate pre­senting the evide­nce on behalf of our plaintiffs from Colorado.”

Hearing date set to decide if Trump can be kept off ballot in Colorado
Donald Trump on Jan 6.© provided by RawStory

The group is se­eking a judge’s ruling to disqualify Trump, there­by resolving the uncertainty surrounding whe­ther his name should appear on the­ ballot.

Trump is expe­cted to challenge an unfavorable­ ruling, which could potentially compel the U.S. Supre­me Court with conservative le­anings to render the final de­cision.

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