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Why A Guyana Vacation Should Be On Your Bucket List? (Know 10 Reasons)

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When thinking of South America, the first things that come into your mind are the Red Indians and the indigenous community in these regions. 

South America consists of many countries populated by all kinds of people worldwide. Among these countries, there could be ones that you have yet to hear of.

Guyana Vacation
Guyana Vacation: Guyana should be on everyone’s bucket list, from nature lovers to thrilling adventure fanatics.

Guyana is one such hidden gem in the South American region. It’s becoming a hot destination and a trending topic on many bucket lists.

You must read this post if you’ve never heard of it or know that it exists only. Here we tell you why a Guyana vacation should be on your bucket list. Here is all you got to know about visiting Guyana.

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About Guyana

Guyana Vacation: Guyana is a country situated in the northern mainland of South America. “Guyana” is an indigenous term that translates to “the land of many waters”. 

Guyana Vacation
Being so densely populated gives Guyana the advantage of having some of the most untouched natural resources in the world. 

The Atlantic Ocean surrounds Guyana from the north, Brazil from the south, Suriname to the east, and Venezuela from the west.

It is one of the least densely populated countries in the world.

As of 2022, its population was 795,408 consisting of African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, and other European and multiracial groups.

Visiting Guyana: Why You Should Do It

Guyana’s multi-ethnic community ensures a mixed culture that deserves to be experienced.

Also, its dense population means its natural surroundings are the least impacted by human activities.

Here are more reasons for you to go on vacation to Guyana.

Guyana Is Unheard Of

Although Guyana has so much beauty and mystery, there’s still something missing.

It’s the horde of tourists that you see in many other destinations.

Not many have heard of this fantastic place as it sees only a few hundred thousand visitors yearly.

I see only about 4,000 visitors per week, the same as the number of tourists that visit Machu Picchu daily.

Even the few tourists that come to Guyana mostly roam around the capital city of Georgetown. Only a few go off-road to visit the truly unique attractions sites the country has to offer.

It’s Packed With Wildlife

Wildlife is abundant in Guyana, which is a country that is highly underrated in this regard.

It’s rich in biodiversity with many rare species of animals like more prominent wildlife reserves such as the Parque Nacional Madidi in the Amazon. 

A safari in the country’s wildlife reserve will surely give you at least one sighting of the giant species that dominate the forest.

Guyana Vacation
From giant ant-eaters to river otters, each sighting gives you a unique experience.

Some other fantastic creatures you can catch a glimpse of include the bird-eating spider, the largest type of tarantula in the world, pumas, and jaguars.

You can even camp in the forest, which would be a fantastic experience for anyone. You must have the right camping gear to have the best experience.

An essential item is a flashlight, as many animals are lurking in the forest, and it could be challenging to identify them at night.

Click here to learn how to identify animal eyes at night by flashlight, as it could be helpful to know which animal is lurking near your tent.

It Has One Of The Largest Stretches Of Untouched Rainforest.

Unlike rainforests like the Amazon, only a few people are familiar with the rainforest in Guyana. The Guyana rainforest is one of the world’s most extensive stretches of untouched tropical rainforests.

The rainforest covers a massive area of 20 million hectares. Almost 87% of Guyana is covered with dense, impenetrable rainforest.

It means Guyana is not a destination where you can expect modern tourist hotels and amenities.

But the connection you build with nature will make you awe of the pristine landscapes and appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

It Has The Most Picturesque Waterfalls

Out of all the natural formations, and waterfalls are the most scenic type for many. Waterfalls are magnificent and tend to attract many people towards them.

Whether it be Niagara Falls, Angel Falls, or any other waterfall around the world, there is something beautiful about these natural wonders.

Guyana is no exception to this. It is home to the world’s highest waterfall by volume. However, this waterfall is well under the radar, as many need to learn that it’s five times taller than Niagara Falls.

It’s Packed With Adventure

Guyana is not only about rainforests and wildlife reserves. There is so much waiting for you in this fantastic destination.

Guyana translates to “the land of many waters, ” meaning that you will find many pools of water like rivers and lakes.

Guyana Vacation

The Essequibo River and its tributaries make up a significant part of the river basins in Guyana. 

You can take a boat ride along the river to explore more wildlife in the country. It’s especially promising in catching glimpses of fish and water birds.

It’s A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Guyana is also home to a large number of bird species, precisely 250 different types. Out of this, about 200 are found in the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown.

This information is good news for bird lovers, as there is plenty of opportunity to spot a range of bird species during your vacation in Guyana.

Some of the birds you find in Guyana are the Guinan cock-of-the-rock, harpy eagle, parrots, macaws, toucans, and herons. 

Your Visit Contributes Towards Rainforest Conservation

The rainforest in Guyana is well-protected by the community from threats of oil extraction, gold mining, and logging.

On the contrary, the tourism industry helps uplift the lives of the community by providing an alternative source of income to help them live sustainably.

Wildlife conservation is also at the heart of tourism in Guyana. As an underdeveloped country, Guyana has only a few hotels and lodges. Even these places are eco-friendly and encourage sustainability with various projects.

It’s A Country  With An Unexpected Blend Of Cultures

There is a remarkable blend of ethnicities in Guyana. The community consists of indigenous American tribes, African slaves, east Indian settlers, and many more.

This blend of cultures is unique and resembles various forms, including architecture, food, and entertainment in Guyana.

You can taste a variety of foods, including cassava, a seven curry dish served upon a water lily leaf, and much more.

Tourism Supports Guyana’s Indigenous Communities

Sustainable tourism is an area in which Guyana is excelling at the moment. The local indigenous community leads almost all of the lodges in Guyana to provide a sustainable economy and protect the rainforest.

Guyana Vacation
Guyana’s Indigenous Communities

The local guides will provide you with knowledge of Guyana, and the money you pay goes directly to uplifting the lives of the local community.

The Local Communities Speak English

There’s nothing better than going to a remote area and finding that the locals speak English.

Guyana Vacation
Unique Tourist Attractions In Guyana

That’s precisely what you can expect in Guyana.

While in many parts of South America, the official language is Portuguese, Spanish, or something else, in Guyana, it’s English.

Communication becomes much easier when you can converse in the same language with the locals of a country. It feels much like you are speaking to natives.

Things Are Set To Change Fast In This Country

With so much beauty and unique features, it’s no doubt that Guyana will soon be in the limelight.

Guyana Vacation
Guyana Vacation

Therefore, the country is expected to see significant changes, especially in promoting tourism.

Rainforest preservation and wildlife conservation will also be at the heart of this development, so the country will not lose its natural beauty.

Unique Tourist Attractions In Guyana

Here are some of the must-visit attractions in Guyana.

  • Kaieteur Falls
  • Essequibo River
  • Victoria amazonica, the world’s largest water lily at the Guyana lakes
  • Iwokrama Canopy Walkway 
  • Awarmie Mountain
  • Rupununi grasslands
  • The Lenora and Uitvlugt Guyana’s sugar cane plantation
  • Bourda Market in Georgetown

Final Thoughts

A Guyana vacation should be on your bucket list for this year. There are many reasons for choosing such a fantastic destination for a vacation.

From beautiful landscapes to pristine rivers and colossal waterfalls, it’s a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

You can also be humbly satisfied knowing that you’re contributing towards uplifting the lives of the locals in Guyana.

A trip to Guyana is not an ordinary vacation; it will leave you with a different feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why Is Guyana The Best Place To Visit?

Guyana is one of the best places to visit because of its untouched rainforest and wildlife sanctuary, with a wide array of fauna.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Guyana?

The best time to visit Guyana is from August to September or February to March. Soon after the rainy season, the waterfalls are full of water, and the fields are lush green.

What Should You Get In Guyana?

Bows and arrows, Amerindian hammocks, salad bowls, and pottery are some things you can get in Guyana.

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