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General Milley Confirms Trump Never Issued an Illegal Order Following 2020 Election

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In an exclusive interview with ABC, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, provided insights into his tenure during the Trump administration.

Despite the widely circulated narrative that President Donald Trump was a "dangerous dictator," Milley confirmed that Trump never issued any illegal orders during his presidency.

While Gen. Milley had been critical of President Trump on multiple occasions during his time as the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, some reports even suggested that he had engaged in behind-the-scenes discussions with China. Despite his public disagreements with Trump, Milley acknowledged the absence of “illegal orders” issued by the former President.

During a recent interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz, the conversation turned to the events of January 6, 2021, when the Capitol was breached. Raddatz questioned Gen. Milley on whether he was concerned about a repeat of such an incident.

General Milley Confirms Trump Never Issued an 'Illegal Order' Following 2020 Election
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Milley expressed confidence in the strength of American democracy, stating, “I’m not nervous about it. I don’t get nervous about a lot of things. I’ve seen a lot of combat. So I’m beyond that actually.”

Although Gen. Milley’s comments about his combat experience may appear unusual, it’s worth noting his extensive record of service in various command positions.

He assured Raddatz that the United States and its democratic institutions were resilient and adaptable, expressing certainty that they would prevail.

In response to Raddatz’s persistent inquiries about potential illegal orders from President Trump following the 2020 election, Gen. Milley remained steadfast, stating, “No, you know, I argued the case at various times for alternative courses of action. Never received an illegal order.”

Gen. Milley’s interview underscores the importance of upholding the rule of law and respecting the Constitution. While political discourse often includes passionate debates, it is crucial to base discussions on factual information and maintain a commitment to the principles that underpin the United States’ democratic system.

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  1. All the illegal shit comes from joe biden. democrats keep trying, but they cannot find one fact that proves any criminality on the part of Donald Trump. I think the Democrat party Should be made responsible for all of Donald Trump’s legal fees and all the tax dollars they wasted. Hell democrats can be made responsible for reparations on slavery. Democrats are the party of slavery not white people.

  2. I think every congressman that swore under oath that they would uphold the Constitution and they haven’t but they’ve gone against it weaponized it and acts of being compromised by the enemy should be imprisoned and and stripped of their retirement to pay off what they have created our debt

  3. If Trump was doing anything illegal the shady Dems would have
    used it long before now. Especially when he first announced his candicy for President back in the very beginning. These corrupt evil treasonist jerks have nothing but lies and false ACCUSATIONS. And that is all anything is..accusations.
    They are engaged in election interference plain and simple. The charges they have brought are nothing but made up garbage. The District Attorneys involved are all bought and paid for otherwise why wait to go after him? People need to wake up. No matter your party this BS is just wrong and is destroying our already broken justice system. Stop with the nonsense and THINK for yourself.
    Quit listening to the propaganda paid off media. It’s no longer unbiased journalism. They are opinion and ideology stories.
    People need to use their reasoning skills and start acting like Americans and not communists.


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