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Gem Of Delhi: Lodhi Garden

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Lodhi Garden

A perfect blend of artwork and architecture of Indo-Persian culture, developed and named as Lady Willingdon park and later renamed as Lodhi Garden by the Britishers. Its one the finest places of interest that Delhi has to offer.

Lodhi Garden

Away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city life, the perfect place to seek some solitude in the heart of Delhi is the Lodhi Garden. It’s a perfect cocktail of natural beauty with aesthetic architecture.

The garden, which covers an area of 360,000 m2, is situated in central New Delhi.  The Lodhi Garden is beautifully positioned in the heart of the city. It houses some rare species of trees, birds and beautifully constructed tomb during the 15th century. The historical significance of the garden cannot be undermined. The fort and the tomb still stands with authority and elan.

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This place is perfect for joggers, nature walkers, pre wedding shoots and other photography sessions.

This is a place where people from different spheres of life, cultures, religion amalgamate and re-presents a beautiful picture of “Delhi Dil walon ki” (Delhi belongs to those with big hearts), with its religious and cultural tolerance.

Historical Significance

The Lodhi Garden complex houses tombs, mosques, and bridges from the era of Sayyid and Lodhi Periods. The tombs of Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodhi are octagonal in shape. Shish Gumbad and Bara Gumbad are square shaped tombs with an imposing dome, turrets on corners and facades. Hence, those give an illusion of being double storied building. 

During British Raj, the park was developed and inaugurated by Lady Willingdon on 9th April 1936, thus named Lady Willingdon Park. In 1968, the park was renamed as Lodhi Garden

How to reach

Delhi is well connected by rail roads and airports of all major cities of India.

Metro Rail is the best mode of travel in Delhi today. Avoid rush hoursi.e. 8 – 10 am in the morning and 6 to 8 pm in the evening. The nearest Metro Station to Lodhi Garden is JLN Stadium Metro Station. Also, you can take a DTC Bus (City Bus), Taxi or Auto Rickshaw to reach to Lodhi Garden.

It can easily be reached by a drive as well.

Lastly, this vast garden requires 4-5 hours for a complete walk through. A walk through these beautiful lush gardens with majestic tomb will keep you spellbound and give memories to cherish.

Last but not the least one piece advice will be – please do not litter and let this beautiful garden retain its identity and integrity.

Happy Travelling

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