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Denver : Volunteering Opportunities In Denver

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Tourist Attractions : Places You Can Volunteer In Denver

What better way to give to your community this holiday season than by volunteering your time? Denver offers a wide range of volunteer and charitable organizations.

There’s something to suit everyone, whether you want to help a foodbank, environment, a homeless shelter, or one of the many animal shelters in the city. If you don’t know where to begin, you can use the free POINT app to find all kinds of opportunities.

It is an excellent way to see the world, meet new people and make a positive impact. Denver has a wide range of volunteer and nonprofit opportunities.

Volunteer In Denver

If you are considering a trip that involves voluntourism, make sure to read all the details and ask lots of questions. These trips usually require that you pay for food and lodging.

Whether you’re passionate about helping animals, fighting food inequity or assisting education and enrichment, Volunteer Match can help you find the nonprofit organizations that best suits your skills or needs. 

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Read on to find out in which area would you like to volunteer.

For Homeless Shelters # 1

You can volunteer your time with a number organizations in Denver that help homeless people. It’s important to provide support to the homeless. This is a wonderful way to help those in need. 

Shelters offer a variety of volunteer positions, whether you want to work with women, children or men. You can help with activities and distribution of food.

For Homeless Shelters

Supporting organizations that fight to protect the rights of homeless people is another way you can get involved. You could, for example, volunteer at a homeless shelter to oppose the city’s ban on urban camping, which forces people in need into areas where assaults and robberies are more common.

Delores Project : They provide on-site services, along with safe and reliable accommodation to people who are experiencing housing barriers while advocating solutions.

Urban Peak Denver : Urban Peak Denver is the only non profit organization in Denver to provide a full convergence services for youth aged 15-24 experiencing homelessness, or at immediate risk of becoming homeless.

Food Rescue # 2

In the US, up to 40 percent of all food is thrown out each day. This is a problem, as it affects not only the environment, but also those in need.

Denver Food Rescue is one of the many organizations that can help. They save food that would have been thrown away by grocery stores, distributors, and farmers markets, and then distribute it to groups that help low-income communities and those who are food insecure.

Food Rescue

The hyper-direct distribution model allows volunteers to pick up food on bikes, which reduces costs and environmental impact. The food is then delivered to the families who are in need to prevent it from spoiling before it reaches them. 

This model helps create healthy meals in Denver’s most vulnerable communities.

For Children # 3

Heart and Hand is a non-profit that strives to break the cycle poverty in Northeast Denver for children and their families through summer and afterschool programming. It also offers resources and ongoing support to families. Donating or volunteering can be a great way to help.

For Children

Minds Matter Colorado focuses on education services. It connects students from low income families to people and resources that will prepare them for higher education, careers, and future success. You can donate or apply to become a tutor to help keep the various programs running.

For Animal Enthusiasts # 4

Denver is a pet-friendly town. There are many organizations, animal shelters and rescues that provide help to pets in need.

Volunteering at these shelters can be done in a variety of ways. You could help with cleaning, administrative work, or even feeding kittens. Fostering with a local animal rescue is another way to help. 

Volunteering also includes everything from neutering and spaying stray dogs and cats, to providing foster homes for good boys and girl until they find their forever home. 

For Animal Enthusiasts

Volunteers donate their time and money to support the efforts to care for our furry companions.

If you’ve never volunteered before, the Denver Animal Shelter or any other Denver shelters like Foothills Animal Shelter MaxFund or Denver Dumb Friends League are great places to start. 

Colorado Pet Pantry provides a wealth of information for pet owners in need of pet food and other supplies. They accept donations, both material and monetary. Volunteer opportunities are available in the state and beyond. You can also host your own pet-food drive.

For Education # 5

You can get involved with tutoring, mentoring in many different ways. Check out these great opportunities if you enjoy helping kids learn and grow!

Colorado Youth for a Change Colorado Youth for a Change is a group of students who believe that all students are capable of learning, succeeding in school and overcoming seemingly insurmountable barriers to graduate.

For Education

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado : They provide summer camps and mentors for youth who are facing challenges. They create strong, one-to-one relationships with youth that are the foundation of positive impact and learning life skills.

Bootstraps : These bootstraps are designed to help students who have financial difficulties continue their education in the mountains.

bookGive distributes new and gently-used books to individuals, schools and non-profits in metro Denver. The books are available to anyone.

Fighting Poverty # 6

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver – They’ve brought the dream of homeownership to families who are in need. Habitat carefully selects families based on several factors, and they then work together to build the home. Habitat builds playhouses, which are so much fun for kids!

The Precious Child provide resources and opportunities to children who are in need to help them reach their full potential. They also assist families to navigate the community resources. 

They help kids and families who are facing abuse, neglect, crisis situations and poverty.

Fighting Poverty

For Environmental Protection # 7

Park People:  This organization offers many ways to become involved. Plus, planting trees is a great workout.

It’s important to have fun while you are out in the mountains. Volunteer to help keep our cities, and the surrounding areas, beautiful and wild. Planting trees in Colorado is an excellent way to restore its beauty.

For Environmental Protection

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers: At the moment, the volunteers are focused on restoring the areas that have been damaged by the fires.

They provide an opportunity for people to learn about the natural environment and to take action in order to restore the land.

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado : Hikers and Bikers! VOC can help you get involved if you love Denver’s many trails and want to keep them clean and usable.

For Community Health # 8

To ensure that we have a bright future, it is important to create cities that are sustainable and healthy. Individuals and organizations can get involved in community development to make a positive impact.

The pandemic of the coronavirus has demonstrated how important it is to have community and public health services. 

Join organizations in Denver that provide pro-bono medical care, mental health services, and community health.

Children in Need of Dentistry: Since its founding, KIND has assisted thousands of children to receive the dental care they require at a price their families can afford. Kids, don’t forget flossing!

For Community Health

Mount Saint Vincent : They are the Rocky Mountain Region’s leading provider of mental healthcare, foster care, individual education, and trauma informed training – all focused on kids and their families.

Center for African American Health : With a mission of improving the health and well-being of African Americans in Metro Denver, this organization offers community-based services for disease prevention and management. Some volunteering opportunities are for medical professionals only, but there are many ways to get involved.

YMCA Metro Denver The YMCA Metro Denver is committed to health and wellness for all. Their programs, which are a catalyst for transforming lives and communities in metro Denver through wellness centers and partnerships with other nonprofits or community-serving organizations, are embedded across the city.

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