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Travel News- Travel Together COVID 19 has presented an unprecedented challenge to the travel industry. As a one stop travel portal, we believe our readers, customers and supporters should know the news and views of the tourism sector through us. Through this initiative we will be sharing industry insights, safety standards and any information related to travel. Don't forget to tune into For latest updates on travel. We hit what is missed.

At Dubai airport, travelers’ eyes become their passports

On Sunday, travelers stepped up to an iris scanner after checking in, gave it a good look and breezed through passport control within...

Here’s how to picnic right

Fill your hamper with hot tea and goodies, grab those gingham sheets and gather the troops as the big fat family outing makes...

Best Destinations for Surfing Holidays Around the World – Travel Dudes

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a beach vacation, with surfing being one of them. There’s nothing quite like paddling out to...

Check into Kayal and build a boat

Your search for mindfulness need not stop with meditation. At this island resort, work with your hands, reconnect with yourself, and get a...

Meet the mother-son duo from Kochi who drove pan-India, covering 16,800 kilometres in 49...

Mitra Satheesh began her car journey, Oru Desi Drive, in March, when COVID-19 cases were falling. The second wave forced her to cut...

Scuba divers discover a natural arch under the sea bed off Visakhapatnam Coast

Presence of good underwater life and accessibility make it an excellent dive spot, say scuba divers After a hiatus of nearly a year...

Qatar Tourism signs new CLIA partnership

Qatar Tourism and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) UK & Ireland have announced a new partnership. The deal is designed to enhance brand awareness...

The Ultimate 3-Day Savannah Guide • The Blonde Abroad

The Ultimate 3-Day Savannah Guide • The Blonde Abroad ...

ETIAS Guide to Visa-Free Travel in Europe – Travel Dudes

We’ve all dreamed of glorious European vacations, right? Whether it’s spending a week in Barcelona,...

Six musical American cities that gave birth to different genres of music

On World Music Day, here is a list of a few cities in the US known for their musical prowess To experience a country...

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