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Travel News- Travel Together COVID 19 has presented an unprecedented challenge to the travel industry. As a one stop travel portal, we believe our readers, customers and supporters should know the news and views of the tourism sector through us. Through this initiative we will be sharing industry insights, safety standards and any information related to travel. Don't forget to tune into For latest updates on travel. We hit what is missed.

Tipperary Bungalow: Yercaud’s heritage home of misty memories

Like many relics of the British Raj, Tipperary Bungalow, among the oldest in Yercaud, has a storied past that lives only in oral...

This T-shirt has a better travel itinerary than you do. But, don’t feel bad…

Siddhant Agarwal is sending a single T-shirt across 13 cities in five continents to capture the travel essence of 2020. This is Project...

EU airlines, airports warn digital COVID certificate roll-out risks chaos

The digital certificates are designed to show, via QR codes, whether passengers are fully vaccinated, have immunity due to recent recovery from COVID-19...

#Villacation — have you tried this new holiday trend yet?

In dire need of a change of pace, holidaymakers are opting for the villa life to work and play The villas are alive...

Here’s how to picnic right

Fill your hamper with hot tea and goodies, grab those gingham sheets and gather the troops as the big fat family outing makes...

The susegad life you didn’t know about

As the beaches of North Goa fill up, the locals are heading South to escape the crowds. Here are some of their best-kept...

How Assam’s illustrators are framing the festive cheer of Bihu

Bihu can be cute too! Using nostalgia as their guide, illustrators in Assam recreate Bihu customs to strike a happy chord When...

Things to do in Basel, Switzerland – Travel Dudes

Basel is a very picturesque city with old buildings, narrow streets and a lot of interesting history. It is known as an European culture center...

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